Zelda Breath of the Wild – Your Own House??

Breath of the Wild - Your House

Ever dreamed about owning your own little paradise in the land of Hyrule? Now your dream will finally come true. In The legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild, it is possible to purchase your own house. Here is a quick guide how to get started.

My Own House?! Where?!

You can buy your own little paradise in Hateno. Teleport to the shrine that is located in the village. From there you take the path down. You will notice multiple coloured houses.

Breath of the Wild - Housing Area
Walk over that bridge to get to your house

Take the bridge behind the houses. You will notice a big white beautiful house with it’s own pond and two persons smacking it. Talk to Balson, the guy in the pink pants. Yes you heard me right, he has pink pants and his personality perfectly matches them.

He will tell you he is going to demolish a house as no one wants to pay a whooping 50 000 rupees for it. If you tell him you are interested to purchase the house he will loose his mind and offer you a side quest. Since he is in a good mood, he will offer to give you the house for 3000 rupees and 30 stacks of wood.

Breath of the Wild - Balson In Pink Pants
Balson In Pink Pants

Resource Gathering

If you need help to quickly find the wood, you can use the bombs to farm the trees around the Hateno shrine. Simply look for some trees and toss nonchalantly a remote bomb at them and set it off! Warning, standing too close to a tree with bomb will hurt you and might propel you off the cliff (can hurt!).

For a less explosive manner, you can pretend to be a good ol’ Canadian lumberjack and chop down any trees to your hearts desire. Sorry Koroks!

The money is easy to get your hands on. Have you noticed the black veins scattered across the world? You can either use a (I want to be your) sledgehammer or a bomb to mine the ores from them. Depending on the rarity, the ores fetch a good amount of rupees to any merchant in game.

Note though that using bombs on the cliff side will make sure you and ore will fly off it, again giving both a bitter and painful experience. And don’t either blow up ore veins near lava or a deep sea, it’s a sore sight to see your precious jewels sink in it. Trust me, I speak out of experience!

Once you have the wood and rupees, return to Balson and he will give you the house.

Breath of the Wild - Your House
“Yaaay! I got my house!” Says Link.


Hmmm..but wait, the house is rather disappointingly empty. No worries! Balson in his awesome pink pants and his mate are at your service. He will offer you to craft the basic furniture for 100 rupees per item. As soon as you paid up, the screen turns black and after some peculiar (building) noises your house will be equipped with the latest upgrades.

You can upgrade both interior and exterior. Everything from lighting and weapon racks inside to trees and flowers outside.

Only one house?!

If that private little space isn’t good enough to quench your thirst, how about assisting to build a town from scratch?
Yes it is possible. Simply talk to Balson’s workmate Karson. He will hand you a side quest to start building an entire town from scratch in Akkala. Naturally you will need a lot more resources here.

Breath of the Wild - Your Own House
Balson and his mate are ready to build your house!

And there you have it, this is how you can obtain your own private residence in the land of Hyrule.

Feel free to drop any questions or comments below!

Game on!
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