Zelda Breath of the Wild – How To Get Wolf Link As A Companion

Breath of the Wild - How to get Wolf Link as a companion

In the latest Legend of Zelda game title Breath of the Wild, you will find that Link has no companions traveling and battling alongside him. You can however obtain Wolf Link as a companion early on by using an Amiibo.

There is however a small note to add to that. Like with summoning Epona, you can summon Wolf Link as an companion using the Amiibo from Twilight Princess HD edition. But you need to have completed the exclusive Cave of Shadows dungeon and saved the remaining hearts to the Wolf Link Amiibo before it can be used to summon Wolf Link in the new game.

Unlike with Epona, Wolf Link can be summoned everyday. Wolf Link will travel alongside Link and even help fight the enemies with him. But when you and your Wolf Link die, he will not return until summoning him the next day again. So be careful where you take him to.

Step 1 – Twilight Princess HD and Wolf Link Amiibo

First of all, you will need the game Twilight Princess HD on WiiU (released 2016). The original game on the Wii from 2006 did not have Amiibo support. You will also need the Wolf Link Amiibo.
Using the Wolf Link Amiibo within the game Twilight Princess will enable a dungeon: The Cave of Shadows.

Step 2 – Play Twilight Princess and get Heart Containers

Now you should play the game and gain many heart containers for your wolf character. As many as possible. 20 is the max. Although less will still work, your Wolf Link companion will simply have less hearts available in the new Zelda game.

Step 3 – Save Hearts at Floor 6 of the Cave

The Cave of Shadows contains 40 floors. But at Floor 6 you need to save the remaining hearts to your Amiibo. To be sure that you have them filled you simply have to make sure you do not get hit before the save at Floor 6 happens. Alternatively, you can play through all floors and heal your hearts at the last one with either Sheik/Zelda Amiibo.

Step 4 Summon WolfLink in Breath of the Wild

Now that you got the maximum hearts saved, you can summon WolfLink into your newly obtained game The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Note that you can also have less hearts saved and summon Wolflink, just that WolfLink will have less hearts in Breath of the Wild as well then.

In the Youtube video below from Nintendo, you see once more how it’s done:

You will be able to summon WolfLink every day. Note that other Amiibo’s will also give you stuff within the game.

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