Zelda Breath of the Wild – How to get Epona

Breath of the Wild - How To Get Epona

In Zelda Breath of the Wild it is possible to get Link’s best friend Epona early on in the game. Here I will tell you how to get her.


The latest Nintendo game The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild is a fantastic new open world game in the classic Zelda setting. In previous games in the same series, main character Link had some helpful companions traveling alongside, but in the new Zelda game however, came an end to that. Link used to have a horse named Epona, a sword named The Master Sword and during the past games there have been a numerous different characters that were helping him.

For example in the game The Legend of Zelda – Twilight Princess HD for WiiU, Link can turn into a wolf with help of a character named Midna.

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Gather everything yourself

In the new Zelda game Breath of the Wild you will have to find everything from scratch. You do not own a thing, apart from a special Sheika Slate and some basic clothing. Weapons and all other items you find along your journeys in the world itself.

The first weapon you come across is probably a wooden branch from a tree. When you managed to slay a monster with that, the monster will drop you a better weapon you can use.

The game also has wild horses which you will have to capture and tame. That way you can train your horses up or find better horses. But Epona you won’t easily find.

How To Get Epona Early On

There is however an easy way to get Epona. It requires however an attribute that you possibly had bought before.

A while back, Super Smash Brothers for WiiU came out. Along with it you could buy a special Amiibo, a statue with a chip in it. The chip of this statue can communicate with the games you buy from Nintendo and even save data.

With the new Zelda game these Amiibo’s also give you ingame rewards. Every character has a different type of reward. Most of the characters will give you a handful of ingame items such as fruits and meat to cook with. Some other Amiibo’s give you treasure chests with nice items.

If you want to have Epona early on in the game and you happen to have the Link Amiibo from Super Smash Brothers, you are lucky.

In the same menu that controls the special power items from your Sheika Slate, is also the option for the Amiibo summon. Having that selected you can now point out a target in the world (in front of you) where you want the items to spawn. Then you put the Amiibo on the NFC reader of your console and it will spawn.

Breath of the Wild - How To Get Epona

The same goes for getting Epona. You use the Link Smash Bros Amiibo on the NFC reader. If you haven’t already once done this before, Epona will now spawn in front of you. No need to tame her, as she is already your best friend. It is smart to do this spawning while nearby a stable.

Epona can then be registered at the stables in the game to be able to store her away safely. It will also register Epona automatically with the right name. Epona has the maximum amount of all statistics. You have to be careful though, horses can die in the game and when they are dead they are gone. The Epona spawn will work only once in your game.

Amiibo’s can however be used more often than one time (you just cannot get more than one Epona per game/savefile. Each day the Amiibo reward resets and you will be able to get yourself some more freebies. So the next time you use the Link Smash Bros Amiibo, you will get something else as well, just not twice Epona.

Did you manage to register Epona? Got questions? Need help? Or got other cool Amiibo reward discoveries? Please share them below!

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