Youtube vs gamers vs press vs rightholders

Youtube has released a new policy on content placed on their video website which has caused a lot of mayhem on the market for video publishers, game publishers and music rightholders.

The new policy in the content placed on youtube has caused the Youtube bots – computer programs that work on identifying youtube video’s – to Content ID a lot of video’s by youtube users that were previously being seen as okay to now be seen as a violation against copyright use. Within the video’s found to be abused, music or visual content can be claimed to be rightfully owned by a big music publisher, a game publisher or other third party individuals.

Most claims seem to be claimed by the Youtube bots only and not by the original publishers.

It is causing a lot of trouble for those publishing video’s, for example gaming magazines such as IGN, but also to those more personal video publishers that create gameplay or “let’s play” content on their own channel.

Even content that was being produced by or in cooperation with the game publisher’s allowance have been flagged for having harmed copyrights.

Game publishers Blizzard, Capcom and Ubisoft have by now already said that most of these claims have been done by the bots and not by them and they are working hard on getting the claims disputed.

The new policy is though causing a lot of harm to the gaming makers. The videos that were placed, have costed some money to produce and now they won’t be able to earn back on these produced video’s.

We will have to see what youtube and game/music publishers will do with this in the near future. Hopefully they will find ways to protect the copyrights but in the same time also allow gamers or gaming magazines to publish content on youtube again in the near future.

Even some of our video’s with guides and walkthrough’s have been flagged for Content ID.

This is then also the reason that we are currently not producing any game video’s, until the “storm” on youtube has passed and things hopefully have been restored.

We do however consider publishing some content to a new platform in the near future.

Game on!

The Game Mistress

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