Xsyon: New functionality for free players

Xsyon - A Town
a town in Xsyon
a town in Xsyon


Notorious Games have announced to us that their apocalytic sandbox MMORPG Xsyon now has enabled Tribes and Townbuilding for free players.

Xsyon has always focused around its tribal mechanics, terraforming and constructing.

These systems represent the core of the game and paying players have made beautiful constructions, such as towns, houses, fortresses and monuments and have made the terrain look fantastic using terraforming. Free players, until now, could only try out this functionality by joining an existing tribe.

Starting this week, new players can join the Xsyon community and start their own tribe for free. Within their own homestead, new players can shape the land and build or experiment with the building tools without the aid of other game citizens.

Constructing possibilities inside a Tribe in Xsyon
Constructing possibilities inside a Tribe in Xsyon

In other words: from now on you can join the game as a free player and actually see and experiment with all the content and systems the game has to offer.

For more information, go to the oficial Xsyon website: www.xsyon.com

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