What’s keeping us busy?

Not so much reporting lately, what is keeping us so busy?

Well apart from real life stuff, we are busy playing games. No reviews without playing the games first ofcourse.

So what are we playing you ask? The following list of games you can expect to hear more of the coming time:

– Guild Wars 2, how the saga continous and what is going to happen to the game next.
– Wildstar, but this is still under NDA so we cannot say much quite yet, apart from what is publicly available; we are playing the closed beta in seperate weekends
– Elder Scrolls Online, The Game Mistress has played a bit of it in some closed beta test
– Everquest Next Landmark, we got access to the alpha and hope to tell you all about it pretty soon. Soon it hits also closed beta and will we both play more of it and possibly even stream.
– Hearthstone, we play it and will write about it
– Path of Exile, we have played it out and the new Sacrifice of the Vaal just came out last Wednesday, which we didn’t play yet ofcourse.
– Mario & Luigi Dream Team, The Game Mistress has played it out
– and many more games to come…

Game on!


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