Twitch stream Super Mario Maker WiiU

Video: Game Mistress - Playing Super Mario Maker

Last night we streamed Super Mario Maker WiiU on Twitch. I played it together with my husband Steven, which resulted in a lot of hilarious moments. We both played mostly bookmarked levels.

My motto was to complete levels. Steven’s motto was to try to die in them. Or perhaps he meant to complete them too, but he just does what he does best – dying in them.
The levels are mostly from a Facebook group that we both are member of.

Anyway, the Twitch recording went to Youtube ofcourse. It became a very long recording, 3 whole hours, so if you don’t want to see it from beginning to end, you can scroll through it. I will edit the description and this weblog post with some pointers to interesting moments in the video (timelinks).

TheGameMistress 1: from beginning
Steven 1:
TheGameMistress 2:
Steven 2:
TheGameMistress 3:

Have fun!

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