The Legend of Zelda – A Link Between Worlds (3DS)


The Legend of Zelda – A Link Between Worlds is Nintendo’s latest addition to the series. It’s the sequel to A Link To The Past, which comes with a few new features that break the traditional Zelda formula. Is it for the good or for the bad?


Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Adventure
Console: 3DS

The story in this game is very interesting. Our traditional characters return and a new bad guy named Yuga. Yuga curses Link by turning him into a painting, but little did he know it would come back to him and bite him in the arse. Link can use this power to his advantage (he can transform to normal and back into a painting) and travel between two worlds. This time Hyrule is under attack. The seven sages are transformed into paintings and it’s up to Link to save them, but he has to travel between Hyrule and the corrupted version of Hyrule, named Lorule, where he is aided by Princess Hilda (Zelda’s dark version). Lorule has no hero as Hyrule has, so Link has to save both worlds, but thankfully Link isn’t alone. The ending of the game is very beautifully put together. It is different from the other stories, but that is fine. Hilda, and Raveo do a good job capturing the players interest in the game. The story offers you plenty of humour and unforgetting characters.

I mentioned that Nintendo have changed the formula of the series. They have removed the linear experience by making most of the dungeons exploreable at first. How did they do this? Simple, all items are accessible in the beginning. You can rent them at Raveos shop against a fee. But there is a twist, if you die you loose the item. Luckily you can find many rupees in this game, so even shopaholics wil be rich..

So what about the dungeons? Doesn’t it take some of the essence gameplay away? It doesn’t because this gives you the option to strategize and plan your next move wisely. The game does give you hints as to what items you need. The dungeons still offer you rewards that come in handy. such as the upgraded tunics or the Hylian shield. You don’t need these items, but they do help out in the tougher situations! I must admit I love the boss battles in this game. They are difficult at first, but once you figured out how to beat them it is rather easy. Creativity helps! You will be glad to know the dungeons are not that long, but no worries, there are lots of dungeons in this game to keep you interested!

Links’ new skill to merge into the wall as a painting is brilliant. It forces you to think outside the box, how to tackle the dungeons puzzles and more. Sometimes I forget I can avoid enemy attacks by simply merging into the wall.. LOL… This new skill will help you to find secrets and allow you to travel between Lorule and Hyrule.. It’s a good thing to use your brain and this game leave you no choice. This game is somewhat more difficult then other Zelda games since Nintendo won’t hold your hand. This time they have given the freedom of exploration to the player! But if you do get hopelessly stuck, you can always put those nifty glasses on and ask a ghost for advice.. Keep in mind, it will cost you a player coin, so if you are out of coins.. well time to stand up and take your 3DS for walkies!

The traditional mini games return. They will award you hearts and rupees. Secret mini dungeons are scattered around Hyrule and Lorule that offer you some interesting brain training. There is a lot to do, a lot to keep you busy. If you love to collect good news, there is a squid like creature called mother Maimai. She has lost her babies and it’s up to you and your skills to find them. For every ten you bring back to her, she will offer you a much appreciated upgrade to your weapons that you own! The gameplay is rock solid and it has tight controls. it’s very hard to be bored in this game!

The graphics offer a more traditional old school look with lots of pretty colors. I am glad they decided to use the more old school Link. Hyrule and Lorule look gorgeous. The bosses look amazing, the enemies range from cute, funny to completely bad ass. The graphics do a good job describing each temple, theme and atmosphere to the player.

You will recognice many of the old songs from various games in this game. The music is very well put together, some borrowed elements of A Link to the Past with an updated soundtrack. The game offers minor voice acting and Link still screams as always.

The good
– Complete freedom
– All weapons available from start
– Colourful graphics
– Bosses and dungeons are extremely fun
– Great sound track
– Immersive (the game sucks you in)

The bad
– [Error], none found

The Legend of zelda – A link Between Worlds is a must-have! This game redefines the Zelda formula, giving the player freedom how they want to embark on their adventure! So no playthrough will be the same. The redefined dungeons and boss battles are a blast. Links’ new skill will force you to think outside the box, opening a brand new gameplay element!

I love the games’ soundtrack and visuals, they really suit the game very well. The story has left a deep impression on me. I can safely say that this is one of the best Zelda games ever made.

There are loads of easter eggs in this game, such as Majora’s Mask and other good bits from previous Zelda titles that will give you a feeling of nostalgia. If you have a 3DS and you don’t have this game then you are missing out on a master peace!

Rating: 10 out of 10

Game on!

The Game Mistress

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