Thanks for Fundraising for Cats Protection Cherwell 2019

Fundraising for Cats Protection Cherwell

From 18th of February until 10th of March 2019 GameMistress ran a fundraising campaign for Cats Protection Cherwell and raised 680 GBP to help cats in the UK.

Cats Protection Cherwell

Cats Protection Cherwell is the national cat welfare charity’s regional rescue serving the Oxfordshire towns of Bicester, Banbury and Brackley.

Cat Protection saves cats from bad situations in the following manner:

  • Capture and save cats that are in a bad situation
  • Take them to the veterinary for health check-up and treatment
  • Veterinary also spay/neuters the cat and chips them
  • Cat is taken to a loving foster home where they are nourished back to health
  • Adopters are found for the cat
  • Cat goes to a loving forever-home.

Here’s a video of what Cats Protection does for cats:

You can read more about Cats Protection Cherwell on their own website as well as on this interview done by us on our other website CatHabits.

Fundraising Campaigns on GameMistress

For GameMistress cats play an important part of her life as well as her stream. She has 5 rescue cats running about in and around her house which she also streams. These cats have also made her stream grow, for cats are part of her streams. Cats have their own furniture and camera position in her stream and she gets vividly visited by her cats. GameMistress is also a foster home for many cats in her country Norway.

Her emotes are also based upon her cats, so you will find her heart emote (t1) with Nusse on it, Tiger the yellow cat (t3) and Kira and Nusse heart emote (t2). Everything about her stream is based around her cats and a loving and caring community.

She decided in 2019 that she wanted to give back to the cats and help the cats through fundraising on her streams. This means she will run multiple fundraisers throughout the entire year. On top of that she has decided that 20% of her total revenue will be donated to a charity of choice. These charities will change every month. The fundraisers are aside from that and occur every 3 months for usually a 2-week period.

GameMistress also has revenue from merchandise for her channel. Her emotes and other artwork is model for the various cups and clothes among other things that are sold on Zazzle and RedBubble.

Fundraising Results

For the Cats Protection Cherwell she raised a total of 680 GBP (which is approx 900 USD) in a time of 3-weeks. This was originally supposed to be a 2-week fundraising, but was extended because of initial technical website issues.

Big Thank You

Here follows what is promised on stream to those that donated to the cause. A very big thank you to all of you that donated to this fundraiser is in place. It is because of all of you below, more cats can be saved from bad situations and get a better home.

The following people have been registered for helping this cause:

These donations were in USD
MuirDragonne 100.00
miki_jones 41.73
Thunder 40.00
xenonxerxes1 23.21
laCaptainFluffy 22.73
Chrisobro 22.71
smilebringer 21.02
Lifapi 10.00
cttarantula_nl 6.66
CrimsonCloudXist 4.75
Solemnis Windsor 3.40
mr_bobbles 1.00
TOTAL USD: 279.41
These donations were in GBP
miki_jones 139.42
Chicken_bitty 100.00
bloodknights1 55.00
Theresa 50.00
thundernum1 30.00
Paink1ll3r 30.00
KJB_The_Hero 20.00
smilebringer 17.80
TiffetteTv 10.00
Peddie 10.00
rowana_embers 2.00
Solemnis Windsor 1.00
insectsarecool 1.00
Total GBP 466.22
279.41 USD = 213.78 GBP

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