Kickstarter: Project Gorgon

[intro]A new Kickstarter project that I have gotten interested in. It is an immersive mmo in development by an indie developer named Eric and his wife Sandra. This game I have been testing already for a while together with The Game Mistress.[/intro]

Project Gorgon. It might become the name of the game, or a new name might be chosen. I follow this guy (Eric) and his wife (Sandra) for a very long time already, ever since Asherons Call 2 went down. I followed the developments and the career of these talented people for a while. He wrote always articles in a informative way with the perspective of a programmer and that kept me interested. Much of the articles were about the good and bad of current, previous and upcoming game designs of other MMO’s out there.

At some point I think he and his wife must have thought.. it is time to show the world that game design from the past hasn’t died yet. That we have written so much about what was good and what can be better that they took the axe in their own hands and decided to make their own game.

Well and then they started, or at least he. He chose Unity as platform to work with and programmed rather easily an open, immersive and easily modifyable system. To the point where we – followers of the blog – had the opportunity to help him test this system. So we did, we subscribed and we got our information to test with. The system, however a little basic at the time, was actually pretty amazing and fantastic. I’m intrigued by the complexity or rather depth of the gamedesign.

Here’s my impression of it sofar. It’s an MMO, so you can play with others or at least communicate with others. It’s a big world, although with maps and loadingscreens. You can basicly do everything. You start in some sort of captivity that you have to find your way out of. The NPC’s talk to you, even the monsters do and the texts are really funny. With being able to do anything, I really mean anything. You can gather materials, you can craft, you can get xp from both death and being alive, crafting has an amazing depth and everything is basicly a craft or a skill. You can sell that what you find to an NPC. That NPC can sell that stuff to another player.

Want to trade with a player, or give something? Place it on the ground, that’s how easy that goes. Although I believe it even has a trading interface aswell. Want to become a wolf, a pig or some other creature? That game has the possibility for it, along with a set of skills to survive with.

Want to become a bandit, apart from the fact that you won’t be welcome in most towns, you can do that too. Become a werewolf, even that is an option. So there is a lot of ability freedom as well as consequences that go with that. Project Gorgon is a very alive world. Perhaps it isn’t the type of game for everybody, it is a bit of a special one. One of the Asherons Call 1 player I would say, or some other older MMO’s and MUD’s. It is definitely worth a try.

So now it went to Kickstarter, what does that mean? It means that if they get enough money (55000USD) that they will be able to finish it off with the required amount of extra personell, such as graphics and sound. That I know for sure they would need. Eric is a programmer, Sandra a designer. I as a programmer has figured out that I am no good at designing either, so it is a good idea to put some money into graphics and give it to someone who can do artistic work.

I would suggest to those who support indie development and those who would love to get a MMO / game with fantastic depth to go to Kickstarter and pledge for some dollars. Give enough and you reserve yourselves a place in a beta or alpha and even some months into the launch.

That game sure looks promising and an example to other (mmo) games out there. Gamedesign is in my opinion much more important than the looks.


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