A look on The Walking Dead


Few days ago I have played the game The Walking Dead. I was surprised how different this game was from the other zombie games.


The story is simple you play the Character lee who is on his way to prison. You are sitting in the police car; here already i see how the game play starts to blossom. You talk to this old police officer who is driving you. He asks you some questions and you are offered to give a choice ANY choice you do in this game matters. Depending on how you choose to respond on your characters questions, the answers you choose helps to develop the character lee

After a while driving a zombie stands in the middle of the road you try to warn the driver ( optional) but it’s to late you guys hit the zombie and the car crashes. Later on your character lee wakes up and you have to figure out how to get out of the car.

After that is complete you are surrounded by zombies. Now I won’t tell any more of the story. The game play itself reminds me of a point and click with a good blend of action adventure and Survival Horror. You have to analyze the surrounding around you, use your brain and choose your dialogue choices carefully. The characters you come across will take note of everything you say and do. To me this invites you to become the character; it is very well done from the developers. You can interact with items around you, you can choose to look at them or use them. If you are suddenly attacked by a zombie, the shotgun you couldn’t use before suddenly becomes available to you.

As the situation changes so do the choices of your surroundings, Very cool if you ask me! This game has amazing voice acting. The game succeeds as well to pull you in to the atmosphere; you do feel you have to be careful. It does unlock the survival instinct.

The graphics are very cool; the developers have used cell shading, giving the game a cartoony comic look. This is my take of the game after playing it for an hour; so far I am really enjoying my adventure as lee, getting spooked by zombies and have to fight for survival.

I have to put more hours into the game before i can write a conclusive review, so far I am loving the game.

A big thank you to Lisa Ridgway for pointing this game out to me

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