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Earlier today there was a Nintendo Direct Broadcast via UStream to announcements and present upcoming 3DS titles for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL.


Paper Mario 3DS
Nintendo has said that the release date for Paper Mario 3DS will be on the 7th of December 2012.
They ofcourse had to showcase some information and gameplay of this coming title.
Also Nintendo announced the 3DS title: Luigi’s Mansion 2 for release in the second quarter of 2013.

The beginning of the presentation was about Pokemon. Many things happening for Pokemon fans. Pokemon 2 is coming out in just a couple of days at the 12th of October in Europe. There will be a Pokemon 2 Black edition and a Pokemon 2 White edition again.

Nintendo is also coming with two new editions of the 3DS itself:
– A limited edition 3DS XL in the theme of Pikachu (yellow).
– A new edition 3DS in the theme of Mario Kart 7 3DS (white) with Mario Kart 7 3DS pre-installed.

Downloadable titles
Furthermore there is a big list of new downloadable games and content via the Nintendo eShop channel on 3DS.

For the Augment Reality Fans, those cards that you read with your 3DS and that create a 3D world suddenly out of nothing with.

Pokemon – Dream Radar is one of those games (12th of October ).
On the 8th of November Pokedex 3D Pro is coming out. It will show you the Pokemon you got through the cards game, in 3D and there is a quiz system implemented, so that you can learn about your favourite Pokemon’s.

New Art Academy is for the creative 3DS fan. It’s the place where you can draw and learn to draw.
This application has become available for download last week.

Coming in November on the 16th, Nintendo will launch the title: ‘Nintendo New Style Boutique’. This is a true game for fashionable people. You are able to design clothing and put clothes on your models. The models can then go on the catwalk to show off their creations.

Maro with Pullblox comes back in new game named Fallblox. You guessed it already, this time blocks can fall down, which will create interesting new puzzle possibilities and challenges. It will also come with an editor so that you can create your own puzzles to share with your friends. Fallblox will come available today, 4th of October 2012.

More art
On the 11th of October yet another drawing program will come available. This program makes use of layers with which you can easily draw backgrounds and foregrounds and mix them together.

Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword will be available from the 11th of October and will involve swordfighting, attack styles and dodging. Show that you are a true Samurai.

Hydroventure Spin Cycle is a game about gods and rainbow spirits. You will have to rescue the rainbow spirits using the water element. Later on this water element also takes form of ice and steam. The water can be steered around the levels by moving the console from side to side and even by rotating the console.
This promising title will come available in December this year.

Space shooting
The WiiU came with this space shooting game, named: Nano Assault EX and this game will also be available in a special 3DS edition via the Nintendo eShop later this year.

Then it seems that Nintendo is starting a totally new experience, similar to Pokemon. I think this is a rather brilliant idea as it will make sure that kids will start to move their bodies a little bit more. The purpose of this game is to ‘collect them all’. The little Denpa Men (did I spell this right?) are available anywhere in your daily lives. The game uses the camera and most likely also some sort of location positioning (perhaps IP address, Nintendo Street Pass or Bluetooth). This means that when you get to certain locations in the world or street, you will find different Denpa Men than for example at home. These Denpa Men reside in these places, making sure that your friends can also catch these at the same location that you got them from.

Level 5 came with a special announcement, bringing three Japanese only titles to Europe:

– Liberation Maiden (manga fighting game)
– Aero Porter (airport management game, luggage, airplanes)
– Crimson Shroud (some sort of RPG)

These titles will be downloadable titles you buy on the eShop. In the coming three months these games will be published (Oct, Nov, Dec).

They also announced the title: Professor Layton – Miracle Mask to be released on the 26th of October.

The eShop has now available:

– New Super Mario Bros.
– Freakyfarms
– Super Mario 3D land
– Mario Kart 7
– Zelda Ocarina 3D
– Starfox 64 3D

The show was concluded with yet three more titles coming in 2012 and 2013:

– Devil Survivor Overclocked (2012 soon) (RPG / action game)
You have seven days to save Tokyo.. save the city and save yourself.
With an expanded storyline, much to fight, creating demons to fight with you

Virtue’s Last Reward (Nov 12, Ring Star Games)
Seven characters with different storylines. Choose and create your own storyline adventure, they have up to 24 different endings.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS (comes out at or around same time as WiiUs version, March 2013)

Apart from the single player challenges and storymode, you can play with up to three 3DS’s together with the WIIU version! And ofcourse you can play with 4 3DS’s together aswell.

And that was the end of the broadcast.

Game on!

Steven and The Game Mistress

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