Gaming news for 3rd of October 2012

Nintendo Direct
Another Nintendo Direct broadcast will be held on Thursday 4th of October at 20:00 gmt+1.

This time around Nintendo will talk about upcoming titles for both Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL systems.
Check it out and watch it tomorrow evening at:

City of Heroes
City of Heroes fans have desperately tried to save their game that is due to shutdown in the end of November. Their effort have though been in vain. NCSoft came this week with a reply that crushed all hopes of these fans: the game will still shutdown.

Microsoft got sick of all the leaks around their possibly upcoming console. Microsoft has therefore decided to close off their creative headquarters from employees in the complex.

Trion Games, known from games such as Rift, is making a game together with the SyFy channel called: Defiance.
This game is a followup on the TV series. Defiance is a multiplayer scifi shooter that plays in a science fiction version of America.

Both Halloween and October fest are coming to online games once again. Different games have different names for the same or a combination of the two. The activities vary over new items to get and new quests and activities to execute. So check our your favourite online game for their upcoming ingame events.

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