Guild Wars 2 – Vista guide: Lion’s Arch


This is the third episode in my new series called: Guild Wars 2 – Vista Guide. This time we go to Lion’s Arch and explain you in a simple way how to platform your way through towards each vista.


Lion’s Arch is a big old city where all races are welcome and where many interesting places are. This is the place you get to when you take one of those big portals in your home city. Lion’s Arch gives you then also the possibility to go to other main cities.
Lion’s Arch is also the trade city, where all crafting and selling happens: it is always busy here!

My Vista Guide of Lion’s Arch:

What’s the point with each vista?
1) It is to see the scenery without getting disturbed.
2) It will add up in your explorer achievement.
3) If you complete an area 100% you will be richly and fully awarded for it.
4) It’s plain fun and an alternative way of earning XP.

The next guide won’t be a city: we go to Queensdale, we go to the country side!
This sums it up for now.

Game on!

The Game mistress

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