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Minecraft started as a game known to only a few, developed by a indie developer, a person like you and me, written in the early or late hours after and between workshifts with little sleeping time.


It started so small. Markus Persson did not even know whether his game was going to become a hit or just a game he and some friends perhaps would enjoy playing. This is how most programmers work, they start, if they aren’t already part of some big company, working on their own little or big projects and hope to have at least some fun for themselves or with some friends together. Making millions with it? Having loads of players? Starting a company for it and stopping with your main job to devote your time to this project? That are usually things developers can only dream about. And then there are these little successes beyond these many indie developers. Minecraft is one of them. Minecraft became very popular in a very short time, perhaps due to Twitter, but mostly because the concept was so interesting and new, in a way.
Minecraft wasn’t entirely a new concept either, there have been a few games before it that were simmilarily but not designed to play together or to be very creative in.

Minecraft is a very diverse game.
You can play it in two modes:
– adventure mode and
– creative mode.

A normal game in adventure mode is as follows:
You arrive in a fully generated world with sand, sea, beaches, forests, grasslands, swamps, snowlands and yes even tropical forests and you are there to survive without having ANYTHING with you, except for your body, a backpack for some items and a 4 by 4 squares crafting table. It’s survival for the fittest, because at night the creatures will come out of their hiding places and might you come across them, they will certainly try to kill you (to eat you for survival ofcourse!). What creatures you ask? Well apart from bugs and spiders, there are also zombies, skeletons, Endermen and so called Creepers. Zombies and skeletons and Endermen are already fantasy I suppose but Creepers even more so as they will explode after a couple of hissing warnings on your location, blowing you up and a part of the world they are standing upon!
So what do you do than, when you arrive? Well you make as soon as possible a first house or hut or hiding place. To get away from all these nasty creatures.

If you got yourself close to a forest you are in luck, just start punching that tree over there with your hands (ouch!) and get yourself some wood. With the wood and your personal 4 by 4 crafting table you will be able to create some wooden planks to build a house with. How you build? Well you place these wooden blocks or wooden planks on the ground.

In creative mode you have an inventory full of all the possible items and blocks and can while running or flying through the world, create your own creations without having to gather the materials first. Also in creative mode the monsters and animals are usually switched off.

The controls in the game are very easy to understand. The crafting part was actually much more difficult, because there is no tutorial in the game on how to create your first woodplanks, crafting table or tools. You will have to trial and error or just look it up on the MineCraft Wiki, which was then also my first resource for this.

After the game got more populair, groups of people started to make modifications (mods) and custom servers with plugin availability so that they could create their own configurations and specific needs for their adventure. The server of minecraft made it possible to play together with several friends and create buildings or survive the next zombie invasion.

On the website of you can also change/upload your character texture. Lots of websites give users the possibility to either design this texture or to download popular ones. Also people managed to make texturepacks that are easy to install to your game, showing you better graphics under play.

Because of its success, Markus decided to hire several people and make a company called Mojang for this game and future projects. MineCraft was officially launched November 18, 2011 at MineCon 2011. with a big party. After it’s launch Markus Persson stepped down from leading the MineCraft team to join as a creative director and programmer on new projects, while Jeb became the new leader and main programmer for it.

Last week MineCraft got launched for Xbox360 which has already sold over 1 million copies and is promising to be a large success aswell. The version released for Xbox360 is a little older currently, but will also get promising new free updates over the coming months. MineCraft has also been released for iOS and Android in a pocket edition.

MineCraft is continiously updated with new patches. On their website, you can play the free classic version, as well as buy the full version.

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