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A new followup on the Halo series is coming soon for Xbox360. Halo 4 will come as a trilogy named ‘Reclaimer Trilogy’ Since Bungie will not be producing this game anymore, Microsoft had to look for a new company to produce it.


This type of move is very difficult for such a popular franchise as the Halo franchise. In fact, such a move has never been done before.

It is something very risky to do for such a big franchise as the Halo franchise, because it is always unsure whether the new studio will make the game just as good or better as the previous series.
Nonetheless 343 Industries seem to do a fantastic job on recreating the environment and gameplay of Halo 4. They even have managed to improve on the multiplayer side of the game.

Halo 4 has at least become a visual enhanched in comparison with the previous Halos. Lightning is stronly improved, shadows are more visible and clear. Overal graphic performance is more crisp and improved.
The visor of Chief has been upgraded aswell with clear icons and readable text.

But the biggest reason that people play Halo is still the storyline itself. They want to know what Master Chief will be up to in this new adventure. And this is what is the most exciting bit of 343 Industries. They made the story interesting and inviting. You can easily get involved in the new situations that Master Chief will be forcefully put in. The epic SCIFI storyline goes further from the point where it left of in Halo 3, but four years after it. It will continue with the protagonist Master Chief and the AI Cortana. Instead of following the previous action-driven storyline, Halo 4 will be more based upon mystery and exploration.

To not show any spoilers, we just give you the video that has been displayed on the E3 2012 of last June.

Halo 4 Trailer at E3 2012:

The AI has also been improved: Crawlers will group up and flank around and behind you and Watchers will protect Knights.
343 Industries got it also right on guns. A whole scala of guns have been added to the game or otherwise improved heavily upon. Sound effects are much better and sharper in comparison to the previous Halos making the ambience and feel spot on.

On multiplayer, players will be able to play cooperatively with up to three players on both storymode and campaign mode. Halo 4 will also come with its editor ‘Forge’.

The game is set for a worldwide release on the 6th of November 2012 on Xbox360.

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