Torchlight 2 Gameplay – Veteran mode over LAN


Less than a week ago Torchlight 2 came out and we both had to play it straight away. We hoped to create an account on the website to be able to play online, but because of high demand their website went pretty much offline. But then we figured out it could also be played and shared over LAN. I’ve produced a video of this 40 minute play as a result.


This video is not the usual showdown of a game with explanation of everything you can find in it, but instead a 40 minute “Let’s Play” video of game footage of both The Game Mistress and me (Steven).

We are playing Veteran mode, which is a bit harder than the normal difficulty. We comment the video during play with game elements that we come across and all the other funny stuff that happens during playing. We are completing a quest line with a boss on the end and show you some in game mechanics.

See our video here:

We hope to make more Torchlight 2 footage videos over the coming weeks.

Happy watching!


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