A Blast from the Past: Metroid


Metroid was the first game I ever played. I was only about 2 years old and my mother was so kind to put the NES on for me. This was the first game that surprised many, because the hero in this game is a lady named Samus Aran. It was only revealed when you finished the game, many thought it was another male hero. This game is the first game about the bounty hunter Samus Aran and this is her first big adventure.


Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Release date: 1986
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Action adventure

Your mission is to stop the space pirates. They have been exposing Metroids to beta waves, to reproduce them. They want to use the Metroids as biological weapons to destroy all life forms that oppose them. The Metroids also have a powerful main intelligence named Mother Brain. Explore the planet of Zebes to destroy the evil space pirates’ plans and restore order in the galaxy.

Metroid lets you explore the planet Zebes. On your way you can unlock powerful abilities for Samus to make her survive the deadly planet. Your first upgrade will be the morph ball later on you will get more powerful suits, arm cannons missiles, boots and other goodies. You can as well upgrade your life and missiles. Keep your eyes open for upgrades. The areas themselves change. Some are inaccessible until you have gained a certain powerup. Watch out, because Kraid, Ridley and the Metroids will try to stop you! If that’s not bad enough, some areas are hazardous, giving you a good beating and can be inaccessible until you upgraded your suit.

As Metroid doesn’t have a map, such as is the case in later titles, it makes this game very challenging to figure out where to go next.

There are enough challenging fights, bosses and you can explore he planet to keep yourself busy. I myself love the exploration factore, combining skills and weapons might take you to new places or easier ways to get past enemies.

Metroid is the first game to introduce save progress with password. If you die or choose to quit the game the game offers you a long password to write down, 24 letter code. This password can be used next time you want to play to load your progress, you can use this feature for cheats as well. Try to write in the password screen JUSTIN BAILEY or NARPAS SWORD and see what happens.

For an 8bit console, Metroid in that time had amazing graphics. The areas were well detailed; you could see the differences in monsters, areas, weapons, and surroundings. This game won’t disappoint in the visuals.

This game features full music for every stage you enter, the sound itself is very well made. It’s always a joy to hear the Metroid theme when you enter Zebes, or when you do a power upgrade. It always leaves a smile on my face. The music does a good job telling you about the area you are in. Turian, the last place in the game, the music is especially evil. It’s impossible to get bored from the sound and music in this game.

Metroid is a jewel of its own. It’s a wonderful game that offers a great challenge, loads of things and places to explore, much to upgrade and wonderful music to keep you busy. The password system is a welcoming feature, as in old days it was almost impossible to save your progress. The ending itself is very rewarding, as stated above, the hero in this game is a female. Thanks to this game, Samus Aran is one of my favourite video game icons. Can you find all five different endings? The quicker you finish the game, the better the ending will turn out.

Boss battles are challenging but a real pleasure when completed. For an old title, this game has a lot to offer and lots of gameplay value. This is one of the few games that truly bring back nostalgia. Because of population you can purchase a remake for the Gameboy Advance, with upgraded visuals, music, exploration, extra gameplay and a map system to help you along. Metroid won’t ever be forgotten, I recommend to plug in your old NES just to play this game for a blast or download it on the virtual console channel for the Wii.

A big thank you to Laura Wood Berg for requesting this blog

Game on!

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