In some long forgotten past they created Second Life, now they are back with a creative sandbox game that resembles much of MineCraft. Patterns is a creative 3D environment sandbox game in which players will be able to build creative structures and share them with each other.
While Minecraft uses blocks, Patterns will use triangles to build with instead. You will be able to gather and mine and craft and place a variety of materials.


But Patterns comes with much more interesting features that cannot be found at all in MineCraft, such as for example realtime physics. These physics will be there from the moment you create a wheel for example, it will start rolling when you push it. Everything in the game will have a physical property. Linden Labs believes that creativity is in all of us and wants us to build together, share and learn from each other.

They want to build this game on a kickstarter type of way. I think this model has become very popular ever since the economic crysis that is happening to the whole world. Before, game developers had to go to a publisher and had to pitch their ideas in an interesting way to get money and time to create their game and then get it published it to the world. Now, more and more, I see developers go to the social media trying to engage an active player base before they even created the game.

So even Linden Labs is now asking a small amount of money to get early access to the game they want to create. In return they will receive a lot of feedback from the playing (consumer) community which they will be able to use to build a better game. I think this is something that most developers should use really, it’s how open source started on Linux etc.. but anyway…I am going away from the theme.

For 10 dollars you can register an account at their website. The Genesis version, which will basicly be the alpha or beta version of the game, will come out at the 5th of October 2012 (that’s really soon).

Currently the game features:
– workbench with which you can create and discover shapes
– 8 collectable materials
– objects that explode or roll (physics)
– building tools
– a character to explore or build with
– simulated physics, gravity and tensile strength
– runs on Windows and Mac

With the feedback of the interested investing consumers/players they plan to add the following features:
– creating your avatar
– liquids
– world generation customization
– multiplayer

Here’s an introduction trailer:

I am very interested in this game and I think I will just pre-order as well to try it out. After the 5th of October I will most likely be able to create a video of this (if they allow us to publish, that is).

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