Guild Wars 2 – Vista guide: Hoelbrak


This is the second episode of my new series called: Guild Wars 2 – Vista Guide. This is a simple guide on how to platform your way through towards each vista. Todays’ vista guide is in Hoelbrak with my necromancer Dread Darksworn.


Hoelbrak is the main city of the Norn. This city is in a snow valley and it is pretty much always snowing there.
Because of the graphical lag and my PC, I had to put the graphics down dramatically, but the video is still made in full HD for your viewing pleasure.

This time I don’t play my main character, but my alternative character Dread Darksworn, which I used for the video with the bunny. One of the vista’s I haven’t done with this character until now so that is quite interesting.

What’s the point with each vista?
1) It is to see the scenery without getting disturbed.
2) It will add up in your explorer achievement.
3) If you complete an area 100% you will be richly and fully awarded for it
4) It’s plain fun and an alternative way of earning XP.

The next vista guide will be the city Lions Arch.

This sums it up for now.
Game on!

The Game mistress

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