Sandbox MMO’s


To me, sandbox games and sandbox MMO’s are very interesting and actually a lot more interesting than the standard theme park type of MMO’s. My main reason for playing a sandbox game would be the immersion as well as the freedom you get with the world of the game.


I thought I should write about Sandbox MMO’s for once, because there is recently so much news about them. Minecraft is a big example of a game where you have much freedom as to what you can do or build in the game. On top of that they added a semi reality in the game where you will have to make weapons and tools to defend yourself against
bad stuff.Minecraft was ofcourse not the first one. I don’t dare to state that I know one that was the first, because I might say it wrong. But one of the first sandbox games that comes to mind, would be Ultima Online. I have barely played it myself, but know that you could do about everything in that game.
Sandbox games come in different genres. Eve Online is probably one of the most popular sandboxes in the space battle world.There are way to many sandbox games to mention them all, but I can mention a few here. Dark… an MMO based on magic as far as I know…. or well at least you can cast spells yourself. The main purpose in this game though however is that there is a lot of PvP battles in this game.

Once upon a time Sony made Freerealms, a free to play (pay) game in which you need to use real money to gain that little extra that could help on your quest or simply the type of vanity items that makes you look cool.
The current game that I would call a sandbox game, even though it is classified as a different type of game, is Guild Wars 2. It could very well be called a sandbox because you can do whatever you like and in every way you want to play,
there is things to achieve, rewards to be received and xp to be gained.
I would like to elaborate more onto this subject, but I will keep the subject to a minimum for today as to bring you that news that I found out about.
There are some other big games in the sandbox genre under contruction currently or have been released, but haven’t been very much publicly announced.

Released sandbox game
Seems to be focused on the character development rather than the world changes. This game though has over 200 skills to train for your character and is highly customizable on clothing, because of the used art style.

A Tale in the Desert
This game I have played actually for a while (at first in a beta, later as a subscription). In this game you build only. There is no fighting in it at all. You gather, you create, you barter with NPC’s for new recipes and you just create
and create. There is also a fully fledged political system in place for making new rules and decissions for the game.

ArcheAge (Korean)
Closed beta
This extremely beautiful (but that’s just graphics ofcourse) game is still under development and currently unfortunately only to the Korean market. When they have released they will announce their planning on a more worldwide launch.
Until then we can only wait and see what is happening during their closed beta’s and press releases.The game gives you lots of freedom and the engine is capable of dynamically building objects and also the breaking thereof. It features PvP, ship battles, ship traveling, housing, guards, karma, mounts, questing, crafting, trading,
farming, dynamic weather, physics and so so soooo much more. As I said I wanted just to mention today, so a bigger more complete preview of this game soon on Gamemistress.

Is an apocalyptic sandbox MMO that includes corruption. The wars have destroyed the planet as we knew it. The lords of nature have restored a certain part of the world that can be used to live on and make settlements. This sandbox is strongly focused on one side on the crafting and building, and on the other side you will have to defend yourself from outside the ‘safe-zone’ attacks. This game is nearly a real world simulator with scifi addition of scenario. The game
will never be ‘finished’ as the game is continiously being changed because of the players playing on it. It’s a game with an amazing amount of detail to things and it gets just better and better all the time. The main problem for some
would be the limits of the graphics in this game.

I am very interested into trying out XSyon…Next time I will write more onto one of the games mentioned.

Happy gaming!


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