Thoughts regarding the WiiU


Last week Nintendo revealed lots of information regarding the WiiU.

Here are my and Steven’s thoughts regarding the new console! I can’t wait, I actually wish it was already the end of November. The new console is a power house compared to the old Wii, that can support 1080p HD quality. Rejoice HD gamers!


I must confess, the intriguing bit with the WiiU will be its online service the Miiverse and the controller itself. As shown in several multiplayer games, players can play together with upto four Wii remotes and an additional 5th player can play with the tablet controller (or two tablets and two Wii remotes) giving a whole new experience. A-symmetric gaming. The player with the Wii gamepad can manipulate the game either by assisting or adding difficulty, through the various crazy ideas developers put up in their games. Nintendo do what Nintendo does do best adding a brand new experience in the gaming market.

I can safely say that I did expect the WiiU to be sold out; numerous shops in America have already reported they are sold out at pre-order. To me this is a good sign!

What I expect:
I do hope that, in the future, they will finally announce a new Metroid and a new Zelda game. I do have high expectations for the online, because it will be much easier to add friends and it will introduce an achievement system. Also the online bit might unlock cool stuff for my Mii.

Line up
The WiiU has a very attractive line up for the release day and in the months after. All from first party support to lots of third party support.
The biggest surprise for me was the unveil of Bayonetta 2. This time it’s an WiiU Exclusive. There are many games I am looking forward to. The following titles I have already preordered:
– Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge,
– Darksiders 2,
– New Super Mario bros WiiU,
– Pikmin 3.

The Wii was famous for its friendly approach to the casual player and the family or party play with friends. The WiiU will now welcome hardcore players. You can check up the line up in my previous article ‘WiiU preview’.

Steven: I am also looking forward to the WiiU console. It will add a completely different approach to gaming. I think it might bring different gamers together, both casual and hardcore: for everybody something. It will also bring families together, since the console can also handle you to play on the controller only, your family can do their thing on the TV again, meaning everybody will be sitting in one room again, instead of behind their own TV’s or consoles or telephones in different locations all the time. The amount of casual party games added through Nintendo World and that what third party game developers will produce will be played a lot by me and my friends. I am more of the casual gamer and I like the new idea of the Nintendo Network with the video chat, the Miiverse and the browser possibilities. On the technological side I am looking forward to the NFC reader included on the gamepad. I wonder what one can do with that from the developers (and perhaps marketing) perspective. Think of for example food products in your local shop that come with something that your WiiU can read and interact with in an application or game. I am looking forward to an innovative gaming experience from November 30th and beyond.

The Game Mistress: I am looking extremely forward to the WiiU, I would not be surprised if the sales rocket sky high. Nintendo has always given us an unique gameplay experience and for that reason I welcome Nintendo’s new console with open arms. A gamer is a gamer, no matter what console they play.

Game on!

The Game Mistress

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