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Here a report of the Nintendo Direct that took place today. WiiU will be launched November 30th in Europe. They didn’t want to give a price for the WiiU as it will be different for every European country. In the US (which had their presentation an hour earlier) the console will cost 300 USD


The WiiU will be launched in Europe on November 30th.
In the launch window, which is until January 2013, WiiU will launch together with most WiiU Nintendo products as well as other game developers.

Basic pack
– White WiiU console with 8gb storage,
– White Wii U GamePad
– Two AC Adapters
– HDMI cable

Premium pack
– Black WiiU console
– Black WiiU GamePad
– 32 GB storage
– GamePad Stand
– Console stand
– Charging cradle
– Sensor bar
– Nintendo Network premium
(receive points by buying digital points, when you’ve reached 500 points or omre, these 500 points can be used as credits of 500 Wii points).

The WiiU has 2 GB of memory (20 times bigger memory than Wii):

– 1GB for Game
– 1 GB for System

25GB (22,5mb/s)

More details on the WiiU Console at:

Nintendo Land
Nintendo Land is being presented with the big amount of games that have been included. They showed gameplay of Team Samus and Zelda Battle Quest with sword and shield, which are minigames designed for teamplay . There are also single player modes in this game system with minigames designed in a challenging way for solo play.

New Super Mario Bros U
They get thrown out instead of Princess Peach by Bowser and his minions.
The Flying squirrel will be available for Mario, Yoshi will be playing with and you can play as your Mii aswell.
You can play together with others, the WiiU gamepad can be used to draw helping blocks for the other player to jump higher and to reach secret places. (This was also shown to public on PAX).

New Super Mario bros U will be available at launch of the WiiU (Nov 30th 2012).

In Rayman they have really utilized the new controller and the combination of all controllers to create a very interactive and immersive gameplay.
Rayman gets a shield in this game that can either protect or transport Rayman between places (protecting from fire, flying over gaps).
You can play together with another player on a WiiU GamePad while you play with the normal WiiU remote.
Music has been very well implemented in a synchronous way on the gameplay.

Also ZombiU and Fifa13 are shown with their own trailers and they explained that they are happy to have them and the explanation of the gameplay in them.

Mass Effect 3
– Comes with special edition which is a special edition with special functionality with the gamepad
– Starts with the backstory in comic style
– extended content on the end of the game
Mass Effect 3 will aswell be available at launch.

Trine2: Directors Cut
WiiU exclusive port from the original game.
Spcial WiiU designed caverns.
New controller options because of wiiU gamepad.

Toki Tori
Coming from Two Tribes
new gameplay and interactivity.
A level editor (gamepad, with visual realtime graphics on the TV)

Nano Assault Neo
visual shooter
Gamepad to modify your ship (or play the game itself on it)
Is played with the twin sticks

New Lego Game: Chase McCain
Hero undercover
(they showed a trailer of the game).
We think this is going to be a very fun game.

The Wonderful 101
A super hero game with 100 heroes in it…. yes where is the 1 missing one? That is you!

Unannounced game: Bayonetta 2
Published by Nintendo and exclusive for WiiU.
They didn’t show any content.

Coming games:
Assasins Creed 3
Mass Effect 3 special edition
Tekken Tag Tournament
Scribblenauts unlimited
Tekken 3
ninja Gaiden 3
Batman: Arkham City
Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper
Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed
Darksiders 2
NBA 2K13

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Share savedate with 3DS
Play online
3ds can connect locally via wireless
they plan to update the game regularly with new challenges and monsters
Will come available in March 2013

A full overview of the coming games for WiiU with their launch window:

Tomorrow there will be another Nintendo Direct (Japan) in which they will present and give more info on the games that will be available at launch.

We will keep you updated!

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