Against the Wall


We love indie developers. Why you may ask? Well because they are not limited by a budget of a big producer or limited by time for that matter. They can use their full free time on designing and developing their game. Today I preview
‘Against the Wall’ for you.


Against the Wall is a strange world. You start on a platform… you guessed it already…against a huge wall!

The wall seems to be consisting of several blocks. You play first-person, almost like a first-person shooter and you have
equipped a weird looking staff. When you point with this staff at one of the blocks on the wall (they light up with blue) and left click with the mouse (or use your controllers’ action button), this block suddenly comes out of the wall
extending it as a long arm. You can now jump on this block and pull the next one.. and the next one and jump from one block to the other until you reach a certain point, a checkpoint.

These check points are platforms that are non-moveable (red blocks) with special interactivity. Sofar I managed to get onto a lift (wind controlled) but I’ve seen a video where the guy even managed to get into a city.

See me playing around a bit with the game

The game is still fully under development and is in alpha stages. The fun part? You can download and play it too!

So why don’t you check it out?

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