MineCraft joins the UN forces with Block by Block


MineCraft is supporting the UN by using MineCraft to design future building projects in third world countries.


The UN Habitat is now working together with Mojang’s MineCraft. They started a project with MineCraft as a designing and building tool to design new urban playground and buildings in urban areas in third world countries, such as Nairobi in Kenya. Together with the MineCraft community it will be possible to work together on creative ideas for living areas and playgrounds in these countries.

The famous group FyreUK is helping Mojang and the UN with these special building and designing projects right now.

Lydia Winters, one of Mojang’s employers, is currently in Naples, attending the World Urban Forum to talk about the new project of the UN and to show off the system that Mojang has developed together with them. A website will soon be launched with more information on the project and product. I hope that more people than just FyreUK will be able to participate in some way or another. It’s rather cool that video games can also be used to design solutions for worldwide problems.

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