McPixel is a hilarious game that allows you to do stuff you wouldn’t dare in real life, things that are not morally correct. It’s about this dude McPixel (who is a wannabe super hero) who saves the day from exploding dynamite or other disasters.


McPixel isn’t your every day super hero, heck I don’t even know if we can regard him as a super hero. He has a this very absurd way of solving problems, sometimes they don’t make any sense what so ever (like sticking a bone up a cows butt, or making out with the president).

Ever wanted to kick batman in the groan, or piss on the guy that works in the funfair? Well now, here is your chance!

This is a very hilarious point-and-click game. In story mode you can select a chapter by kicking one of the four McPixel guys into the hole. Then you select a level. You start at a stage and you have to find and dispose of the dynamite before time runs out you only have 20 seconds. if you fail you continue to the next stage. If you succeed you are awarded a silver medal and continue to the next stage.

Get 3 silver medals in a row to unlock a bonus stage. Be warned if you fail to complete the next stage your silver medal will be taken away. But there is more if you find all the gigs in each stage for example McPixel kicking someone in the groan and they hit him back or you copy your own butt on the printer. You are awarded a gold medal this time getting the gold medals isn’t as strict as the silver medals but if you do the same gig twice on the same stage you will lose your gold medals.

Here’s a gameplay video I made:

The only sound in this game is the music and I am surprised how fitting the music is. It has some funky music making the game even funnier. The game uses very little sound effects.

As the title says, the graphic are similar to an old 8 bit game but that doesn’t matter, just makes the humour more hilarious.
You will see all kinds of characters from movies and video which will surely give you a laugh.

McPixel is a very funny game, the morally wrong choices you have to do in this game just makes you laugh! McPixel doesn’t follow any code of ethics. Some levels do indeed leave me in a state ” WTF did I just play?” As simple as the game looks there is a lot of replay value, try scoring gold in all levels to unlock more levels. Every chapter you complete with a 100% rating gives you an unlockable in the extra section.

There is also the endless mode allowing you to play randomly through all the in game stages. I highly recommend this game if you want to brighten up your day. Warning this game can cause brain damage.

Available for: PC, Android, iPhone
McPixel website:

Happy gaming!

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