New Super Mario Bros 2


Mario is back! This time the plumber sees gold where ever he goes, he must have gotten the gold fever!


Console: 3DS
Genre: Platformer
Publisher: Nintendo

Mario and Luigi just rescued princess Peach from their previous adventure. Just when they deliver her at the castle and say good bye, she get’s kidnapped again. This time Bowser’s children snatch her, sending Mario and Luigi in a panic. They run after them retrieving to get their beloved princess back.

The gameplay is similar to previous titles, only this time you have to grab as many coins as possible during your tour through the levels! You travel from world to world. Each world exists of a different theme and is split into levels. In the middle of the world you will find a tower in which a boss resides which you have to beat. This will allow you to save the game. To complete the world beat one of Bowser’s children, which hide in their own castle in each world.

On your way you can unlock hidden paths by either finding secret paths in a level (you know if it’s a secret if the flag pole is red instead of black). Or you use your coins to unlock a route. Three star coins are scattered around in each level, some of them are well hidden.

In the levels themselves Mario can use different power-ups, here follows a list:

Mushroom = Mario grows to his normal size and can take an extra hit
Big mushroom = Mario transforms into BIG Mario smashing everything in his path ( ewww did i step on a Koopa?)
Mini mushroom = Transforms Mario into a tiny little Mario, he can reach small places, run over water and has a high pitched voice
Fire flower = turns Mario into Fire Mario – he can throw fireballs
Power Star = Invincibility for a short time
Racoon leaf= Turns Mario into racoon Mario, Hooray! The P meter is back, this time you can go air born!

New things
Grab a golden flower to make Mario shoot golden fire balls. The magic touch will turn everything into golden coins. When you kill an enemy they will give you coins.

Sometimes a floating cube appear in the levels, jump on it to get it in your head, wherever you run you will spawn coins, spawn as many as possible before the cube disappears.
A golden ring will quickly turn enemies to gold – killing them will give you coins.

The new mechanic in this game is to snatch as many golden coins as possible. All coins collected will be visible at the bottom of your screen. This counter is shared with all your accounts. So start hunting, Mario wants to get rich!

Additional modes
Gold rush: here you can focus on getting coins from certain levels in the world as quickly as possible

Multiplayer: play cooperative and gather coins – the more the merrier

It is as you expect in a Mario game – colourful, cheerful and cute enemies kill you. The worlds are well animated the 3DS has no lag and the 3D functionality is cool as it really divides the background and foreground well.

The music in this game is a real joy to listen to. It’s hard to get bored. Actually, one of the worlds has the same song as from the Laynaru province in The legend of Zelda – Skyward Sword!

Super Mario Bros 2 is a fantastic game. The music is charming as you would expect for a Mario title. Each world is beautifully made, the designs are colourful and the new enemies are hilarious. There is enough content as in secrets and hidden levels to keep you playing! The boss battles are fun, this time they added a little interesting twist which I won’t spoil. You can challenge yourself with collecting as many coins as possible in coin rush. Share your high score via street pass.
I do sometimes wonder if Mario doesn’t get bored fighting Bowser and saving the Princess the whole time?

The game is definitely worth the time and money. If you want a fun mario game for your 3ds this is the one to pick up!

Game On!

The Game Mistress

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