Want an interactive story experience?


A real interactive story that you can play part in and act upon. You don’t need to download anything, you just need a browser (preferably Internet Explorer 9 because of some special functionality) that supports HTML5 (usually the newest ones) and an internet connection.


I actually took this tip from a famous youtube channel, but finally took some time to check it out.

This story, written by Edgar Wright, is about a man.. a writer.. who has writer’s block. He cannot get any idea for his brilliant new story in a big new world to explore. He works day and night to get ideas and drinks loads of expresso coffee, which results him in getting a black out.

During his blackout he dreams and when he wakes up the next morning, his laptop has text, his notebook has a drawing, his phone has voicemail and his recorder has voice recorded notes. Who has put these there? Did he do it himself? And what are these notes and illustrations?

Here the player takes part of the story. The player can create their own ideas of what might be happening next or what might have happened during his dreams. The illustrations used are made by Tommy Lee Edwards.
It’s kinda weird and kinda interesting.. inviting for the ‘reader’ or ‘gamer’ to do something about this story. The person of the story might actually be more ‘real’ than you think at first…

Could say more about it, but I think you should just check it out for yourself!


Happy gaming! (or should I say reading/following a story)

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