PAX PRIME 2012 summary

PAX Prime was running last weekend and brought some interesting news and facts.

– League of Legends will now become an official esports game. This means we can earn real prizes.
– More news from Wildstar (not really all that much actually) and a status of that they are still working hard on their game.
– Sony’s Planetside 2 showed how this (MM)online FPS space shooter is going to work and look like.
– Phantasy Star Online 2 is a free to play mmo coming out for PC in early next year.
– Rift expansion: Storm Legion, an expansion due for release this fall, bringing player housing and a lot of new areas to explore.
– World of Warplanes, the follow up from creator of World of Tanks, creates a unique universe where you have to battle others in the air with… you guessed it right..warplanes.
– SMITE, a free to play battle mmo
– Dungeons and Dragons online announces new update 15 in November with five new quests, a wilderness area and new storyline
– Developers talking about the upcoming Halo 4
– Never Winter, a new action MMO (from Forgotten Realms) with giving the player the possibility to build new quests and campaigns from within the game.

and Torchlight 2 has announced to be released on the 20th of September 2012 (yes that is this month!). So perhaps you should preorder it, if you haven’t already. Can be bought via a few online stores. Won’t name them here.

Will just give you some youtube videos of the bigger announcements and features of PAX PRIME 2012.
Torchlight 2Trailer

ZombiU Trailer

Halo 4 talk with the developers

Showaround of the Mojang Museum PAX booth:

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