Guild Wars 2 Video – Shadow Behemoth


So we were playing Guild Wars 2 (we’ve been playing this game actually everyday sofar) and on last tuesday we were playing in the Godslost Swamp and were apparantly with in the meta event chain Secrets of the Swamp. At some point several green portals spawned around us.


Out of these portals came shadowy creatures engulfed in dark auras. We started battling these together with several others on the server until all portals were destroyed and all dark spawns killed.

Apparantly we angered someone named Shadow Behemoth in the Godslost Swamp, because he appeared from beneath the swamps and started to beat the crap out of us. We both fell and came back to the Swamp and that was the point that I decided to start filming the final boss of the event for you guys and girls. This boss has been featured before in the Guild Wars 2 demo at gamescom, but well this is the life game at least. And it is played by us!

So, here you go, have fun watching it and catch you later!

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