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Greetings, it has been a while! First I would like to apologize, I have been sick – recovering from an irritating illness. My greatest thanks goes to Steven for keeping the website updated during my absence.

In this article I will give you a summary what to expect in the very near future!


In the next days we will upload videos from games that I/we have played. The videos will feature Guild Wars 2, featuring a Meta event boss, some game play from the game ‘The Legends of Grimrock’! And this new crazy game ‘Mcpixel’. Mcpixel isn’t your every day superhero (heck is he even a super hero?). it’s a game that makes me feel like: “What the heck did I just play?” Thank you Richard for suggesting this game to me.

The monthly update will be the game releases planned for September for Europe. This is a list of all games that will be released in September with their release dates.

We will continue with ‘What makes a video game great?’ Hopefully next week we will be able to add about why music is important to game play.

For reviews I have ‘New super Mario bros 2’ almost ready and this should be uploaded soon. This game is on the 3DS, it’s about Mario’s crazy adventure, this time he sees gold!

My next ‘a blast from the past’ title will be about the game ‘Tetris’ from the NES.

I have been busy with this new ‘think about it’ article: What happens when video developers don’t listen to feedback from their player base? This article will be about game developers that managed to anger their player base, and why it is bad to do so.

Moving on to a new project: I will start on new articles called ‘what if …?’ This will be about: what if developers would decide to change storyline or game aspect of their greatest gaming icons.
Imagine Mario doesn’t have to save the princess from the evil Bowser anymore. Or Sonic the Hedgehog has a brand new evil mastermind and the story has nothing to do with Robotnic’s involvement any longer. It will be interesting to go deeper into this subject.

Otherwise if time allows us, we will look into gaming icons becoming famous outside the world of video games, in other media such as in films, books or comics. Of course we will write previews or reviews regarding technology and games, also when news comes available from active events (PAX for example).

You never know what we will post next! So keep your eyes open!

Last but not least: we finally joined YouTube, you can check our channel out here:

If you have any games or technology you would like to me/us to review (or preview), don’t be shy and leave a message on our facebook or twitter page, and then we will see what we can do about it. You name it we game it!

That sums it up for now.

Game on!

The Game Mistress

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