The Secret World – Beta Weekend

As promised i would write a preview of the latest game the secret world, well my dear gamers here it is.


The secret world is a dark fantasy / horror MMO which is based upon the urban legends on planet earth. They have removed the traditional level system and classes. Instead we are all give the freedom of choice, every weapon and ability is available to us; you level up in the skills or weapons you use.
Now there is a deck system that allows you to make your choice a bit easier if you don’t know what way to go.

So far the story and its quest line (also tutorial) worked out very well. The setting is rather grim, but had some interesting twists. I will not say more about this as that would be a spoiler, but I do think they put a lot of time into the depth of the game here. Also the game mechanics were very interesting.

Since this is a beta I didn’t expect this game to be perfect, but I can safely say that there is a lot of work still that needs to be done before they release the game. This includes a better user interface, all game breaking bugs (such as the keyboard that suddenly stops working in the game or a non-working /stuck) and a lot of client issues.


The graphics are well made in The Secret World; the areas are beautifully rendered, while character animation is limited. Characters feel like they aren’t much alive and don’t seem to fit in the environment. Advanced techniques such as facial emotes aren’t included. Also the diversity at character creation is minimal. But as this is a beta, it’s very good possible that these will still come.

At this beta weekend only 2 areas were open for play. This gives of course a very limited view of the game, but music was for these areas (London and Kingsmouth) at least very enjoyable and diverse and fit well in with its environment.


A long list of known bugs was published on the forums before start. Ofcourse there were more bugs than that list. Sofar I found two bugs, one had to do with the keyboard not working anymore after a while. Restarting the client was my only solution. The other problem occured when I wanted to use my portal stone in my inventory to get back to the main portal world. But… this is a beta test afterall and beta tests are supposed to have bugs.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more!

The Game Mistress

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