In about 2 days and some hours time (31st of Aug – 2nd of Sept) PAX PRIME 2012 will start. PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) is a series of gaming festivals held in both Seattle and Boston (USA). PAX PRIME is being held in Seattle (WA).It’s a show that gives attention to console gamers, computer gamers and tabletop gamers, but it is also a place for developers to discuss hot topics with the audience. Tickets for the events are sold out since the 2nd of May.


Right before PAX there seems to be also GameStop EXPO where the audience can see and play the newest type of games. Some great names are there also mentioned, so we will see if any new gaming news will also come from that direction.

PAX PRIME will however start on the 31st of August 2012 and will cover several activities:
– musical concerts by ‘nerdcore music’ artists (for example Video Game Orchestra)
– console freeplay (place to play lots of games on lots of consoles)
– Exhibition hall (place where all new games will be published by big publishers and game studios)
– handheld lounge (a meetup place with beanbags for handheld console players)
– Omegathon (a tournament with 20 contestants with known games and a final unknown game)
– Panels (discussing topics, presenting new games or functionality)
– PC gamers area (Gaming and LAN gaming with high end PCs by PAX)
– Tabletop area (for the tabletop-, card- and boardgamers)

Some interesting people coming for panels:
– The people behind Torchlight and Torchlight 2
– MineCraft creator Markus Persson and DayZ creator Dean Hall to discuss storytelling in games
– Riot games, the creators of Leage of Legends will discuss the making of their game and a QA session with audience.
– ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 developers will be handing out merchandise and showing their game off

The panels seem to take a big part in the program of PAX with many different and interesting discussions going to take place. This will most likely push a wave of different reports of panels and what important gaming people have said over the coming days.
We unfortunately have not gotten the opportunity to be at PAX PRIME, so we just will have to scan the news the coming days and try to filter it out for you as easy reviewing reading material!

The big game publishers will be present ofcourse and also big hardware producers, but excitingly many indie developers will be present. Also Kickstarter will be at the expo. They took some key indie game developers with to the expo.

We are keeping a close watch to certain panels discussing the future of gaming as well as gamedesign and storydesign. Also we keep a close watch on the console makers Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, which will most likely show more info and previews of games and their consoles.

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