Animusic 3


Perhaps you have never heard of them, or perhaps you have seen this video one day of balls jumping around and playing music while doing so. This ball jumping experience was called ‘Pipedream’ and it was made by ANIMUSIC.


Since that DVD for Animusic 1 (2001) was released (first VHS, later DVD), they have been producing the next Animusic 2 DVD which also was a big hit. Animusic 1 and 2 sold over 600.000 DVD copies. A Japanese version was launched in 2008 as well as a BlueRay edition of AniMusic 2 plus Pipedream of Animusic 1 in 2010.

And then it got silent. They decided to spend their money on creating a new software package to easier create digital animated music videos. A software tool that functions like a game. Every instrument should be a real life instrument. Every note played or animated on them, would produce real music tones. It took them five years to build this system, and then the money was depleted, there was software to create Animusic 3 and further series, but no money to fund the production anymore.

And that’s why they are currently on Kickstarter. They are trying to collect 200.000 dollar to produce a new Animusic, Animusic 3 on DVD. With about 10 days to go, they still need about 46.000 dollars. Every dollar donated will help til the total. If you donate enough money (30 dollars I believe) you will receive the Animusic 3 DVD, so it is basicly a pre-order possibility right here against a great price!

With the money they will produce a great third version of AniMusic 3 and perhaps even a system with which we can play ourselves with some music creation and animation.

You can find their kickstarter project page here.

We have always loved Animusic, ever since the first viral videos appeared of Animusic 1’s pipedream on the internet. We hope they will release Animusic 3, but time will tell.

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