Project Giana Demo – level one


We’ve gotten our hands on Project Giana demo. Remember the guys from Black Forest Games that are trying to get a funding on Kickstarter this month to get their newest game released to you all? The Game Mistress played the demo and has allowance to show you her first impression of the game.


We recorded her first play through level one in Project Giana Demo. We here at Game Mistress think that this game with a twist will become an awesome game. They just need 32.000 dollars more to get their fundings for the basic version (kickstarter project ends in 5 days). If you donate just 10 dollars or more (this is less than 10 euro!!) you will be able to receive a copy of the game as soon as it is launched! Fantastic! Five or less days left to support them! So if you think that this is cool, please donate as well! We support them and hope they will make it to their launch, because we cannot wait to play the whole game!

So go ahead and donate them some money! See it as a pre-order for a great gaming experience:

If you are still not sure whether you should support them or not, then have a go at the demo as well:

Happy gaming!

The Game Mistress Team

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