Dragon, Fly (Android phone)


Game: ‘Dragon, fly’
Console: Android Phones
Genre: Arcade
Currently playing it on: HTC Wildfire S
Producer: Four Pixels

‘Even baby dragons have to have fun’


The story isn’t very deep, ‘Dragon, fly’ lets you control one of the baby dragons. You have to get as far as possible away from his mother dragon which will try to capture him.

Game play
You control a baby dragon. Your goal is to get as far as possible in the game before mother dragon catches you and takes you back to her nest. You start at level one and you continue until you reach the next level. Every level has a different landscape and it’s more challenging than the previous. Try to reach as many levels as possible in one play-through. As the dragon can’t fly, you can gather speed from sliding down the hills, sending your baby dragon air born at a mountaintop. You control the game with your finger.

Hold your finger on the touch screen when your baby dragon slides down the hill to accumulate enough speed and then let go off the screen to send him air born. Do this three times correct in a row and you will enter a special fire mode. The dragon will be engulfed in flames giving you bonus points.

There are other way to get bonus points as well:

– Skyfly: send your dragon high enough into the sky
– Swoosh: successfully land the dragon on a hill accumulating speed. Do this three times in a row to activate fire mode.
– Let your dragon speed up and reach the clouds to get a special bonus

When the mother dragon catches the baby dragon, it is game over.

You can also collect diamonds and speed vials on your adventure. Diamonds allow you to buy potions in the shop that will help you out, if you have troubles completing achievements for your dragon. Speed dials give you a speed bonus. Once the play-through ends and you have accumulated enough score, you will rank up. If you have completed the three achievements from the beginning of the game, you will be rewarded a new colour on your baby dragon and another bonus. This bonus can be something like extra time before mother dragon will start following your dragon, to a higher score and other goodies.

The game is very colourful. There is also some background detail. The levels are colourful and all different from each other with different objects and wacky patterns. The dragon itself looks good too, the mother is always cheerful even if her kids have been naughty and ran away!

The music is the same, It never changes, so you can get quickly bored of it. The sound effects are well done. The baby dragon cheers when it reaches a certain amount of altitude which is cute.

Good points

+ The game is addictive, there is plenty to do such as ranking up, getting a high score and see how far you can go before mother dragon takes you back.

Bad points
– Sometimes the achievements are ridiculously hard to achieve, the game quickly becomes difficult,
– I don’t know if it’s the game or just my phone that is garbage but the game has performance issues.
– It starts to lag, sometimes it hangs or it doesn’t always register you touching the screen in time.

‘Dragon, fly’ is a charming little Arcade game. It’s fun to play when you are stuck in a bored situation and need to pick up your phone to kill some time. It will quickly get you addicted. The stability issues can be a problem and lead to some unfair game play. Otherwise I highly recommend this game.

You can find the game app on Google Play here (demo) or buy it here.

Game on!

The Game Mistress

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