Happy Friday!


Oh wonderful it’s weekend again and the launch of ‘Guild Wars 2’ is not far away! But for the wait I will be sharing some goodies with you all!


Brentalfoss is a famous user on YouTube who has made some awesome video’s which I will gladly share with you all. All the videos are about the famous video games. With each videogame Brentalfoss had the following question: ‘What if they had lyrics?’ As an answer to this question, he produced texts for every video game song and sings and acts them on video.

Just to warn you, there could be some words used in these video’s that are inappropriate for small children.
Please check them out and show your support!

Zelda with lyrics

Banjoo & Kazooie with lyrics

The Mii channel with lyrics

Kirby with lyrics

Dr Mario with Lyrics

Tetris with lyrics

And Ducktails with lyrics

Disclaimer: All video’s belong to Brentalfloss
I thank Richard for the tip.

Happy gaming the coming weekend!

The Game Mistress

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