Good Old Retro: Pacman!


‘This brings back nostalgia’
Everyone remembers good old Pacman right?! The charming yellow dude who had a hunger for everything. His life started in the arcade machines at 1980. When Atari finally got the right to make a home game version on the Atari 2600, that’s when things got especially fun! Finally Pacman in your own living room! I was a small child when I played this game, I was very fortunate that my parents had the Atari 2600.


Game: Pacman
Publisher: Namco
Release date: 1981

Game play
You control Pacman with the Atari’s joystick. Pacman is spawned in the middle of the maze. You have to try to eat all the pellets on the screen, before the ghosts catch you. The adorable four looking ghosts: Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde, are not friendly if they touch you, you die leaving Pacman (or the player) crying. So you have to avoid them at all costs, while trying to munch all the pellets. Luckily there is salvation! At each corner of the maze there is a bigger pellet, the ‘Power Pellet’. Eat that and you can munch away on the naughty ghosts. They run away with their tails between their legs. Chase after them and munch away for sweet revenge. Only the eyes will remain from the ghosts, which return to their spawn point waiting to spawn again to hunt you all over again ( don’t they ever get bored)?

Once you get all pellets on the screen, the level will end and you will go to the next level, only this time the maze will have a different layout. Sometimes you can grab bonus items that give you extra points (usually fruits).

Before you started the game, I remember you could choose the level and difficulty, the speed of the ghosts and what maze you would start in, throwing in that extra little challenge.

Not much that I can say about the sound. It was a machine from 1981 so there wasn’t much music. The sounds were very simple but pleasing.

The graphics on the Atari 2600 differ from the Arcade version. The ghosts had a flicker effect on them, this did upset people, but it never bothered me. The graphics were very good for a console of that time.

Pacman has gotten a lot of love, the latest version can be downloaded on Xbox Live, which is a wonderful remake, with many crazy twists to the original game play but that’s for another review!

Pacman is a wonderful classic retro hit. The game play for its time was very fun and challenging. I have many good memories playing Pacman on the Atari 2600. This is one game that won’t be easily forgotten!

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