Preview: Tearaway (PS Vita)


Soon a brand new game for PS Vita is coming out, that will ‘tear through the world of gamedesign’.


The game “Tearaway” is interactive gameplay at its best. Media Molecule, the producer of this beautiful colourful game and famous for the LittleBigPlanet series, makes use of everything that PS Vita has to offer. So it will not only be a creative solution seeking game at best, but also a great marketing tool for Sony Playstation to market their recently launched handheld console PS Vita.

The world in which Tearaway takes place is a papercrafted world full of paper figures, buddies, environments, backgrounds and creatures, ready to be interacted with, by you. You will be playing as the god of the creatures and people in this paperworld and help the main paper messenger hero “Iota”. With your fingers you will be able to control certain aspects in the game, such as creating bridges or letting enemies fall through the holes you tear through the background of the paper. This is done with your fingers on the back touch pad of the device. In the same way you can play music instruments while tapping with your fingers on the touch pad or you will be able to use the microphone to blow paper leaves away, sing your lungs out to scare away monsters or discover secrets.
With the motion sensing systems you will be able to balance your hero out, let enemies fall off the screen or reveal paths otherwise not visible (holding vertical or upwards). With the camera you can apply new textures to creatures, while the front touch screen is for unfolding paper stairs and the like.

Apart from the very colourful and playful graphics, makes this game also heavily use of physics. Weather elements such as wind do play its part and as it uses all the features of the PS Vita, you can also add physical elements to the game, for example when the player can use their fingers to make the hero jump on big drums that bounce.

You will need to use your creativity in a playful way to find solutions to the various obstacles you will come across (Perhaps you can just Tearaway most of them?). It will be sort of a 3D platformer, the way we have seen in Nintendo’s Mario series.

I think this game can be a serious eye opener to game developers that the PS Vita is meant for so much more game types than the standard 3D games currently available on it. Perhaps it will open up for new and fresh game designs and more interactive gameplay.

As in the video, it seems we can even print out our paper creatures to make wonderful real 3D papercrafted figures.
I really hope more game creators will see that interactive gameplay is more than just using the top touch screen and is also more important than fabulous graphics. Would love to see games like these on all handheld consoles available, fully using each consoles’ abilities.

Tearaway is still fully in development and is to be expected for release somewhere in 2013.

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