Review: Slender


“You thought you had a strong bladder? Think again! This game will definitely make you wet your pants, so nappies are strongly advised!”


Title: Slender
Genre: First person Horror
System: PC & MAC
Producer: Parsec Productions

Game play
In Slender, you will have to explore a creepy forest, finding 8 pages about the mythical creature “Slender Man”, but who would have guessed it would also be so challenging? Once you got the first page, the atmosphere turns creepy and Slender Man will be hunting you. The more pages you gather the more pressure you will get on you to find the pages as soon as possible, before it’s too late! You are equipped with a flash light; make sure you bring lots of courage because you will need it! If you hold down shift you can sprint, but do that too long and you will get out of breath, forcing you to walk.

The flash light runs on battery power. You can choose to turn it off, to save some battery power, but once you do that, the Slender Man can find you quicker to end your adventure, so most of the time you will need this flash light on. Who is this Slender Man anyway?!

The Slender Man was created at the Something Awful Forums in a thread entitled “Create Paranormal Images.”
The Slender Man is described as a man of normal height, wearing a black suit (strikingly similar to the visage of the notorious Men In Black). As the name suggests, he is thin and likes to creep the hell out of you! Not much is known about this creature. Yes, he does have a taste for fashion, but he has no face! No eyes, no mouth, no nose, you heard me! No face! And in this game he will creep up to you, scaring the living daylights out of you. If that is not bad enough the developers really did rub it in with the special effects and music!

When he gets closer to you, the screen will get distorted with static. If you catch a glimpse of him, a scary sound will play once. Look at him for a too long amount of time and the screen will turn into his direction and it will be game over!
Your PC will be terrified afterwards, even after shutting the game down. It will basically deny you to run the game ever again.
So, don’t look at him, don’t even think about fighting him, because you simply can’t. Sometimes that evil creep will turn you around, confusing you, again giving the screen side effects.

If that’s not bad enough, the Slender Man could be looking at you one moment, suddenly he is gone again giving you a very uncomfortable feeling. The game won’t allow you to pause for a breather and continue your adventure later as you will then simply be game over. So no recovery for you if you have been frightened so bad that you start crying! Where is my teddy bear!”

“I believe the Slender Man who btw has a good taste in fashion is perhaps just lonely and wants to find a friend, but since he has no social skills, he will try to scare you while trying to become your friend!”

Not much to say here, it’s not the best looking graphics game. But that doesn’t matter at all, as you won’t have the time anyway to focus on the graphics level in your surroundings. The fog does a good job making the area look creepy! ” How can pixels do this to you!”

Ok this is the real creepy part. If it’s not bad enough, some psycho creature is following you, scaring the crap out of you and the sound really rubs it in. There isn’t much music, but the ambience is very well done. It starts out hearing your own footsteps; you hear what you expect to hear in a dark forest, footsteps, creepy birds, creaking of trees. Once you gather the first page, an extra sound is added to the mix, evil knocking sounds and banging noises, humms and the like make you feel like you are in a horror movie. These get also more intense and creepier, when you collect more of the pages, adding the feel you are in a horror game. It really does strike your heart! “Guaranteed to wake you up!”

When I got to my fourth page, the game decided to crash, while the slender man was behind me and the typical friendly Windows 7 error window appeared.
Between you and me, I think the Slender Man scared the processing power out of my machine causing the game to crash, so not only the player is affected, machinery as well!
Ok seriously, there are stability issues with this game. If you are running windows 7, 64 bit Ultimate like I do, it could crash from time to time. This is really annoying as you will have to start over again afterwards. It’s probably fixable with some updated drivers, but it could as well be bugs in the game itself.

Graphical glitches
Ok, there are some glitches and mistakes, but that makes the game actually even more scarier: there is a building you can enter. The roof of the building looks wrong animated, if you try to use your flash light on the walls you can see the string texture and the walls stay dark, you really don’t want to see that if you are already terrified to death!

Beat the normal game to unlock daytime mode, beat that again to unlock 20$ mode.

The developers did a fantastic job in making a real frightening game. Like it or not, Slender will scare the living daylights out of you. The game captures the true feeling of a horror game. I have played many horror games including Silent Hill and Eternal Darkness, but no game has frightened me more than Slender! At one point, I got so badly frightened, I just had to turn the game off and run away, my heart was stuck in my throat. This game isn’t for the light hearted! Perhaps you will have to find a psychologist in the end, just to get your mentality back to normal!

Happy gaming!

The Game Mistress

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