Guild Wars 2 – Interview with Game Mistress Editors


Guild wars 2 isn’t far from its release date. We have decided to look into the game and tell what we like about the game.


Question: Why did you choose to play Guild wars 2?

Game Mistress: Well to be honest I have been looking for years for an MMO that has something different to offer. Guild wars 2 has finally something that I have been looking for in a MMO a very long time. Exploration, skill based system and events that change the world, I was bored to be force to join the typical end game content in other MMO’s, I was looking for something unique. I did play every beta event, I know it’s not the final game but I was impressed!

SmileBringer: I will play this game with my partner. I feel very much immersion within this game. I prefer classical fantasy styled games over the futuristic games such as The Secret World because of the magic in it. Guild Wars 2 has some nice features and it allows you to make your own stories, you can choose wherever you want to play, whatever you want to do and wherever you want to start off at. I will play it because of roleplay, because of exploration and because of the beautiful immersion.

Question: What is special about guild wars 2?

Game mistress: I like the fact there are no raids, no linear quest lines and the game adds the important element of exploration. The holy trinity system is no more and thank god, because I won’t miss it! Instead every class can choose to play how they like, every weapon unlocks an own set of skills, one skill block is locked for healing and the last five are locked for your skills of choice. World versus Worlds means you fight against other servers in PvP. And events do change the world. To me that’s a breath of fresh air!

SmileBringer: It’s perhaps special that there are no quests. There won’t be any NPC’s with questionmarks or exclamation marks waiting for you to help them out. There will simply be events that act like quests. In one way this is exactly like a quest, but in another you do not need to do these events in a certain order. It gives you the freedom to start them or to leave them and move to the next one. Whether that will drive me to keep playing I am not sure. As long as the design of these quests are always changing and they have creatively made use of the possibilities of the game, it will be fun, but I do fear a slight boredom on this side.

Question: What is your favourite part about the game?

Game Mistress: The originality as mentioned before. An ever-changing world, I get to choose what I want to do. I like the events that changes everything and that they removed the typical do this and that quest. The personal story is cool as there are different outcomes. The crafting is interesting. And the mystical forge I can’t wait to play with on the release. The nice thing about this game is, it gives you reward for just exploring. Vistas (points of interest), achievements, jumping puzzles; it’s like finally someone heard my prayers for the perfect MMO. I like the fact there is no mob stealing, that everyone gets rightfully rewarded. But I think it has to be the atmosphere, the game does feel very much alive. The game is FUN!

SmileBringer: Perhaps the fact that I can change my spells ( I am playing a mage) by just changing my weapon. A staff gives totally different spells than wearing a sword or mace. Also when you jump into a deep body of water and you swim under water, you will get spells/skills tailored to the weapon for underwater use. Also I like it that you can earn diamonds by spending gold. Diamonds is the currency for the item shop for which you usually would use real money. If you would save up enough gold, you would be able to buy diamonds for gold, as long as enough people have bought diamonds and want to have gold that is. This was perhaps a rather smart solution to the endless “Chinese” gold grinders, or not, that we will still have to see. Perhaps I will love crafting too, they say it will be great, but I have also here my doubts. We will see, won’t we?!

Question: They removed the Raiding, Wait does that mean no end game?!

Game Mistress: Hehe, Well once you are max level your skill points actually still level, after you levelled up, you get more skill points to use, you can either use them on skills or on the Mystic Forge to help you to craft legendary weapons! The dungeons at max, I heard, are no push over. The world events always change so when you log in there is always something (else) to do. You can hold the “Isle of Orr”. There you will join a massive event to hold the temples, giving you access to the end game dungeons. Even if this game isn’t item based you can get cool looking armour sets from the dungeons that show you did something awarding. The dungeons aren’t the same. If you visit the same place twice you will be surprised how many varied paths you can take. This game has a special system that allows you to scale according to the area. If I am level 50 and I am in the starting zone, the game will change my active level to level 5, as is intended as the max level of the zone. Meaning I can experience the content without being too powerful and having an unfair advantage.

SmileBringer: I don’t believe in endgame content. Whenever I get max level, it usually takes enough time for developers to create a new expansion to the game. I am no hardcore gamer and there will always be a new game waiting for me as well. As a casual gamer I do not expect of myself to level another character. There are different “endgame” things to do in Guild Wars 2 luckily for those being afraid of being bored. You can redo a lot of terrain and events because the events do change. Also since you can down level, you can play in areas that are officially for lower levels. When you are at max level there is a lot of other things to master. I am not really sure whether I will bother with that type of activity, but role play is all that counts for me anyway. Guild Wars 2 is at least a very beautiful game.

Question: Is there anything you miss from the game?

Game Mistress: Yes in fact, I do miss duelling. I’d like to have a good reason to beat my partner up in game whenever we have obtained new skills. Player housing would have been nice, but at least we get our own story area. Oh and did I mention the crazy dance emotes from guild wars 1?

SmileBringer: Duelling is one. Another would be customization in mods or interface. I really never like any games default interface or controls design. Loads of emotes and emotional animation is usually missing from games. In World of Warcraft it was well done with animation. A person sitting could laugh as well as a person standing. In most games, including Guild Wars 2, a sitting person laughing means that the person will stand up to laugh. That is just plain stupid and really annoying.

Question: Would you recommend this game to other players?

Game Mistress: I would recommend any player to pick this game up and give it a try. Luckily you only pay once for the game itself. There is no recurring subscription plan to pay. Only vanity items from the Guild Wars 2 shop do require diamonds. These diamonds can be bought with real money or you can trade your in-game gold to players that request that, against diamonds, meaning you basically do not need to use real money. Expansions however will cost you money again.

I have recommended my mother and sister to pick up the game. They were very pleased with it, when they played it in the beta. It is not like any other MMO, Guild Wars 2 is a game on itself, it tries to be different and so far they really succeeded!

SmileBringer: When Guild Wars 2 releases it might also release a trial version. Players that aren’t sure, should perhaps try it out via a demo. Or they could try it perhaps at a friends’ place. I wouldn’t say go and buy it. This is not your typical MMO, but it is certainly more immersive and classical fantasy styled. Also check out some videos on YouTube or some blog posts or reviews before you buy it. It is certainly fun, but I cannot say that everybody should buy it. It’s a game in its own genre.
If you like/love games such as World of Warcraft, Rift, Lord of the Rings Online, Warhammer etc you will definitely like Guild Wars 2. If you prefer shooting games or games such as The Secret World, I would be careful.

Guild Wars will be pre released on Saturday 25th of August 2012 and will officially be launched at Tuesday 28th of August 2012. At a later point the coming month we will write another article on Guild Wars 2, when we have played more of the game after launch.

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