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A pick of games that arrive monthly!


Hello fellow gamers!
I have decided that monthly I will announce all the big hits that will arrive. May it be game releases, consoles or beta events! Now let’s take a good look what may 2012 will bring us!

Game releases: Mai 2012

Diablo 3
Dirt Showdown
Dragons Dogma
Game of Thrones
Lego batman 2: DC super heroes
Max Payne 3
Mario tennis open
Men in black: alien crisis
Rollercoaster tycoon 3d
Silent Hill: Book of Memories
Minecraft (Xbox 360)
Street Fighter X Tekken
Sonic 4
The Binding of Isaac: the Wrath of the Lamb
Tom Clancy’s Ghost reckon: Future soldier

Beta events:

Guild Wars 2
The Secret World

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