Preview: God of War – Ascension


God of War Ascension is a new game in the God of War series developed by SCE Santa Monica Studio and will be on Playstation 3 only. This game will be the seventh game but it will be a prequel to the entire series.


Storywise will this start at the point where Kratos has killed his wife and child, tricked by Ares into murdering those who he loved. Now Kratos swears to avenge them and will fight for his freedom.

It will be the first time the game will feature multiplayer. In Ancient Greece, the player will be able to control the hero Kratos which will battle many baddies of the God of War Ares. This game will be having a new style of combat and will include many mini games and puzzles.

Combat would have been entirely revamped from what it was in other games in this series, but we do not really know what this is. Furthermore it would contain better lightning effects (graphics) and scenarios that change the world. The storyline is though shorter in single player than in other God of War games.The graphics engine has been improved and the hero can now also use “Life-Cycle” magic which gives him abilities to play with time, giving the player more time to solve puzzles.

In the games’ multiplayer version you will be playing with up to eight players. There are different game modes for multiplayer, one where you will fight in teams against each other and another mode will give you multi-level arenas to fight each other. One of the arena levels will feature a Megaclope to interfere whenever a player comes too close. Battlefield objectives will help the player achieve bonuses or gets the team more points or mapcontrol.

God of War: Ascension is scheduled to be released on the 12th of March 2013.

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