Ristar (Sega MegaDrive / Genesis)


Ristar is a classic and adorable plat former from the 90s. You play as this little hero as you have to save the Valdi system from Kaiser Greedy.


Game: Ristar
Genre: Platformer
Console: Sega Mega drive / Genesis
Producer: Treasure

There are actually two stories but since I had the PAL version of the game I will stick to telling you that one.

The evil emperor Kaiser Greedy has kidnapped the ancient hero, Ristars’ father, and has corrupted the world leaders of each planet causing havoc in the Valdi system. However on planet Flora the people were begging for a hero to rise to stop this evil. Middle in the system, Ristar was asleep until he heard their distress call. Awoken, he sets out to all the planets saving the leaders from Greedy’s control and saving his father.

Game play
You have to travel through 6 different planets; each planet has their own theme. you have to get to the end in every stage killing enemies on your way. Ristar uses his hands to grab onto enemies killing them, try hitting different parts on a normal wall to find secrets as points, 1 ups or life. Ristar can grab onto ledges. Since every planet has its own theme, every planet has a different layout. For example on the music planet you can play on the keyboard and the mechanical planet allows you to float in air!

Special panels allow you to spin clockwise, turning Ristar into a comet, sending him air born. You can explore heights at fast speed or destroy anything in his path, but.. warning it’s only for a limited time.

In each stage a secret bonus panel is hidden, find that to get to a new bonus stage.

Planet list
Planet Flora – A lush, green planet covered in plants – now where did I leave my weed killer
Planet Undertow – A flooded planet with an Atlantian landscape – underwater exploration guaranteed! Get ready to get wet!

Planet Scorch – A rocky wasteland with fire everywhere – make sure you bring your sun glasses.
Planet Sonata – A mechanical Utopian planet filled with music – turn your speakers up to the max.
Planet Freon – A paradise filled with snow and ice! – Winter sports anyone?
Planet Automaton – Mechanical technology planet with traps lurking round at every corner.

Every boss is unique making it a blast to kill them. The colour changes on the boss depending how much damage they have taken.

Every boss has a certain weakness to explore, making it fun but challenging.

The music is absolutely lovely in this game. Every planet has fitting music, fitting the theme very well. The sounds itself are well put in, you can’t get bored of the music in this game.

For a 16 bit console the graphics are breathtaking, colourful and filled with lush landscapes. The monsters are well designed, the animations are smooth, every planet looks different, every planet has two stages that vary from each other. This game has real eye candy from the 16bit saga.

Ristar is a wonderful game from the 90s with colourful graphics. The game play is really funny, colourful and the challenging boss fights will keep you busy. Every area is waiting to beat the stars out of you, this game has a high replay value as replaying the game doesn’t get boring. Try to finish all the bonus stages to unlock passwords, which you can use in the password section in the game to unlock some cool secrets.

This game is highly recommended if you love plat formers. If possible play it on the original Sega Mega Drive.

Happy gaming!

The game mistress

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