MineCon 2012


Previous MineCon was there to officially release MineCraft 1.0. MineCon is based upon BlizzCon by Blizzard. It’s an event for Minecraft players to get into contact with each other as well as with the Mojang Team and mod/texture/server developers.
We think it will now also be the place for other Mojang product presentations such as the running Cobalt and the upcoming Scrolls.


This years MineCon will be organized in Paris! Good news for us Europeans in other words!
Even better: MineCraft will be in Disneyland Paris! So probably we can expect more than just only seeing MineCraft there.

Sofar we know that the dates will be 24th and 25th of November 2012. More information soon. The ticket sales and hotel reservation will start in the coming weeks. We will keep you updated!

Here the official announcement video of Mojang:

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