A first view on Project Cars


While we have seen many projects on Kickstarter lately, Project Cars is a project that uses a similar crowdfunding model, but has created this themselves without the use of the network of Kickstarter. Project Cars is a project in which they will make a fantastic racing simulating experience, but the difference from normal game creations is that you can be actively helping them creating that game.


Although it is called Project CARS, CARS doesn’t mean a car here, but it actually stands for Community Assisted Racing Simulator.

The video game is in development by Slightly Mad Studios. Slightly Mad Studios is known for the Need for Speed Shift series.

The game will contain lots of different cars, each with their own configuration.

And it will contain several popular racing tracks.

In the game a lot of game modes will be available:
There is a franchise mode, which basicly means a career mode. You will then start in Karting and can then specialize yourself in one of the many motorsport directions.
You can play as a team manager, where you can create a team with your friends and then compete against other teams (online).
You can play Co-Op with a friend as a driver or co-driver. You will have pit-to-car radio while driving that can give you strategic advice and race insights.
When your car breaks down or needs some new tires or fuel, you can just go to the pit for a official pit stop. The pit stop has been extensively designed to create a unique and realistic gaming experience.

You can play online (or perhaps you are always online anyway) and can then connect with your friends, compete with them, challenge them for a race.

The game also allows for user generated content, which means that players can create all sorts of ingame designs(decals, liveries) and setups(tuning) but also create events.

There are several other game modes going to be availabe, to be announced later.

The racing simulator will simulate realistic cars with physics of them breaking down, exact controlling, the tuning of your car will influence performance, but it also means that there is physics in the game. Driving over grass or sand or crashing into the sides will really affect your car. There is advanced Artificial Intelligence both on the level of where your car breaks, what does your effect etc as well as CPU opponents.

On top of this all the game has also fantastic graphics and lightning. It supports DirectX11 graphics (PC) and there is a fully dynamic day and night cycle with sun, moon and star signs, as well as clouds and weather.

You as a player can register yourself right now on the forum and purchase a “Tool Pack” which gives you perks depending on how much you want to spend. You then can download the pre release game version with which you can play around. These perks mean that you for example get the game when it is released for free (or on sale) and numerous other surprises. While the game is still in development, you will be able to influence the project through the forums which act as a bugreporting and suggestions area.

The racing simulator will come out for PC, Xbox360, PS3 and WiiU in 2013.

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