Castle Story (Kickstarter)


Castle Story is a creative strategy game, built by Indie developer Sauropod Studios.
To quote the developers: “Castle Story is a voxel-based creative strategy game about building castles brick by brick and defending them against enemies.” [/intro]

The game offers real-time physics which means that you can blow up a castle for example. Also will it contain magical resources for mixing to create interesting effects (we don’t know what that means, but I suppose it could be faster building or better defense?).

You can build castles and other defensive structures entirely to your own creative liking and you can equip your “Brickotons” with armour and weapons, so that they can defend themselves against monsters and other attacks.
I believe they also plan to make it multiplayer which will probably result in you playing against your friends on other islands, destroying each other. But it could just as well mean that you can cooperate against another player or computer. A very interesting game with a MineCraft like world (Voxelbased) and creative building gameplay, topped with strategic thinking for defenses against attacks.

Castle Story is a game that I already saw something about, last year via Notch from Minecraft who tweeted about it. I then saw a youtube video with the basics of the game under development by them.

Last week I figured out they had made a project at the 27th of July on Kickstarter to get an amount of money to finish off the product and to let players decide on some game design details. They reached their 80.000 dollar goal in a mere 5 hours! Currently they have been backed for 427,105 dollar by more than 16,500 backers and there is still 15 days remaining until they will be financed. Their latest video on Kickstarter shows more gameplay:

With the more money they will receive they will improve the graphics and music/sound/effects and who knows what more they will come up with to release. A very interesting new game under development. I can’t wait until I get my hands on it!

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