What defines a good video game


In the near future I will be writing about what exactly makes a video game great. I will explore each important subject and post them as separate articles. The reason for this is because each subject is too big to fit into one post.


The subjects are the following:

Story: I will write about why a story in games can be important, what is important and what’s needed to make a good story.

Game play: game play is rather a huge topic. Here I will write why game play is the most important function when it comes to video games.

Sound and Music: Here I will define why music is an important part of the video game franchise, what defines good music? Why is music so important? Can sound make a video game feel more alive?

Graphics: Graphics define how a video game looks like. I will touch the subject, whether good graphics are important, what kind of graphic types are available and how you can use them to make the game feel more complete.

Interface: An interface is very important, it allows you to communicate directly to the game, how you want the game to be played, how the game should be controlled. Without a good interface you can basically throw the game away.

The big question is though: Can a video game become great when a producer chooses not to focus on one of these topics? Or will it end up in complete failure.

I will be adding several articles of my explorations into these different aspects of game design in a serie.

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