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Today’s video is about a new game I started playing called Morphopolis. Morphopolis is according to the developers a game about transformation and discovery.


To me Morphopolis is a beautiful looking artistic game with a lot of puzzles. Not per definition the most difficult things that you have to perform, but you will have to get to the initial idea to do those things. There is not much of a manual so it is click and try. See what happens and explore.

The first level starts with a certain area where you see plants with flowers and two caterpillars. By doing nothing, nothing happens, apart from the beautiful ambient music and the chirping sound of nature. So the game really invites you to perform actions and to explore the world.

The graphics are set in a cartoonish style but it renders all at Full HD 1080p so it looks crystal clear and very sharp.

As you will see in the video I have made, when you start to click and direct things around, things will change on the screen and more events will unlock.

I plan to do multiple video’s of this game as a walkthrough series in the coming time. Do note though that this is basicly a spoiler as I will show you how the puzzles are done and the first level is completed.

Here’s the video:

Game on!

The Game Mistress

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