Nintendo Direct UK of 13-11-2013


This Nintendo Direct was to give more information about the games coming in the next few months to Europe on both Nintendo 3DS and WiiU.


The Nintendo Direct started off with another view on A Link Between Worlds.

There is a new character Irene the Witch which flies overhead and can help you travel through the map as a taxi service (on a broomstick).

Other important characters in this game are Seres and Yuga.
They also show something about how to play the game and the Slippers of Zora to swim in lake Hyrule.

Via Streetpass you can create your own link and place a bounty on his head depending on the items you have collected and how you have designed him.

You will be able to enter battles through street pass and being able to fight others. Others can also fight you. It is also an excellent way to get a lot of rubies.

The Limited Edition of the game will be available on the 22nd of November 2013.

A new Square Enix RPG is coming out on the 6th of December named Bravely Default.

On 14th of February 2014 Inazuma Eleven 3 will launch.

Other games coming out:
– C.U.B.E. DC
– Scram Kitty and friends
– Shantae ad the Pirate’s fog
– Armillo
– Grinsia
– 1001 Spikes
– Tengami
– Picross E3
– Pier Solar HD
– Putty Squad
– Teslagrad
– Treasurenauts
– Wooden Sen’Sey
– Retro City Rampage
– Knytt Underground
– Unepic
– Siesta Fiesta
– Shovel Knight

A new game for 3DS called Nintendo Pocket Football Club will come out.
In this game you can customize and manage your own football (soccer) team.
You can decide on the strategics and tactics for your team as well as the name and colours etc. You can boost player skills (train them) and then the game will play out your tactics. You cannot play the football matches yourself, but instead they are played out for you and you can compare your tactics with other players via wifi and the internet.

Nintendo Pocket Football Club is coming out somewhere in 2014.

On the WiiU side of things there are some new updates:

The MiiU Animal Crossing Plaza will get a software update.

This new update will include a system of special stamps that you can add to your Miiverse posts. The stamps themselves can be edited and saved by you.

Super Mario 3D worlds will also have stamps included for their own Miiverse community.
Stamps can only be used in its own community.

There will also be rankings available where you can rank ingame characters for a certain question.

Some other functionality will be added as well:
– Resident Registration
– Move and delete multiple pictures
– Save pictures from Miiverse posts

This update releases on the 14th of November 2013.

Pikmin 3
Additional stages for mission mode will be available.
Eight completely new stages in Fortress of Festivity can be bought from the eShop.

– 4x collect treasure stages
– 4x Battle enemies stages Total 8 stages

With stages such as:
– in someones house during a party
– a construction site
– a mysterious factory

In some stages you can play as Captain Olimar as main character, or you can let the extra characters join your team by choice.
That way you can find Louie in one of the the maps to get him as well as a playable character.
You will have to decide strategically whom to add to your party and which route to take in the stage.

For this new level to function, you will have to download a new software update to Pikmin 3 that enables the new features and also gives you two free stages as part of the new map(1 collect 1 battle).

Fortress of Festivity becomes available at the 2nd of December 2013.

As of today there are two new games available for WiiU:

* WiiFit U has been released in the beginning of November with a 31-day free trial. This means you as an ex-Wii owner with Balance Board, will have the opportunity to test out the new WiiU Fit for 31 days. If you decide to buy the game, you can upgrade to the full version, you will have to buy and pair a fit meter.

* Also Wii Sports Club U comes out with a free download. You can enjoy classic Wii sport games such as Tennis and bowling. You can play for exactly 24 hours that starts to count down from the moment you start up the softwar for the first time.

To be able to play the game after the 24 hours, you will have to buy a 24 hour day pass or a single sports pass. More information is available in the game.

As a last thing on this Nintendo Direct, Nintendo shows off 10 more things you need to see or do in the upcoming game Super Mario 3D World:

1. Touchscreen and microphone gameplay
2. Golden Express for lots of coins!
3. Captain Toad Levels, collecting stars without dying
4. Speed Run Levels, 100 seconds to run to the end of the level
5. Mystery Houses, rapid fire challenges to collect green stars
6. Motley Boss Blob, Take on a giant boss as an ever growing army of clones
7. Top-Down shooter stage, cutting down waves of enemies in oldschool shooter levels
8. Kart-style stage, dash to the finish Mario Kart Style
9. Unlockable Bonus Game, with New Super Luigi Save Data, you can play Luigi Bros. right out of the box
10.Unlockable 5th character, plasy as Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy and use her spin attack,

Super Mario 3D World will be released on the 29th of November 2013.

That’s it for this Nintendo Direct.

Game on!


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